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Cyril Ratel Urban Adventures Collection

Geneva based independent Swiss watch maker Cyril Ratel introduces a brand new collection “Urban Adventures “ inspired by the liveliness of a cultural rendezvous; where travel opens up the mind to new ideas and civilizations and infuses one with a sense of adventure.

The sheer verve and indescribable energy of cities like Dubai, Miami, Moscow, Hong Kong etc. have contributed to making this collection an urbanite delight.

Urban Adventures introduces a luminous, architectural design, the fusion of materials like rubber, steel, PVD colors, leather and atmospheres – the same atmospheres of places that urban adventurers love to be part of.

The energy emitted from the watches’ geometric, sleek, solid shapes is reminiscent of the same energy emitted from the pulse of a town, a fantastic private party or a race on the F430 between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The lines in turn conjure up images of avant-garde buildings, the most prestigious F1 chassis or the fuselage of a jet.

The masculine models are available with automatic movements or quartz according to the preferences.

With a wide range of different versions, the collection explores with unique and sophisticated style. Some of which are set with diamonds, offer combinations where sophistication competes with audacity.

Furthermore, the brand proposes a series of exclusive models in limited edition consisted of models with new functions such the “secret rotating calendar”, the “skeleton manufactured in the valley of joux” or still the “large calendar”.

Technical details

Available in different models:

Available in different models:

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