Hublot Announces Takeover of Profusion, the Manufacturer of Ultra-technical Carbon Fibre Components

At the BaselWorld 2011 trade show, JeanClaude Biver, CEO of Hublot, announced Hublot’s takeover of the Swiss French company Profusion, its supplier of carbon fibre parts and components.

Profusion represents very special technical and technological expertise in the handling of carbon fibre: research, design and development, Profusion manages the entire manufacturing chain for ultra-technical carbon fibre components.

In addition to carbon fibre, and thanks to the driving role played by Hublot, Profusion is also working on developing new materials and new alloys which will revolutionise the manufacture of certain brand new watch components, as yet unseen in the watchmaking industry.

Based in Gland; in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, Profusion has been working with Hublot for over two years, particularly in the manufacture of its carbon fibre cases. Notably, Profusion contributed to the production of the World Premiere presented by Hublot in Basel this year: the Tourbillon Minute Repeater with Cathedral chime and Column-Wheel Chronograph made from 100% carbon fibre, including the bridges which form part of the movement. The company was set up by Jean-Pierre Kohler and Lionel Gavignet who continue to run it. It currently employs a workforce of 18, principally engineers.

The integration of this new team will therefore allow Hublot to manage the entire manufacturing process for its timepieces which use carbon fibre. It will also enable the company to explore new avenues in the composition of the materials used in the manufacture of its timepieces.

With this takeover, Hublot is continuing the move to verticalise its means of production. This work has been ongoing since 2009, the year in which the company began operating from the premises of its new manufacture in Nyon, Switzerland. The company has worked continually ever since to integrate new workshops, skill sets and new fields of expertise. Bringing the expert team at Profusion onboard provides an opportunity to fast track the process which forms part of Hublot’s strategy to fully integrate its “manufacture” expertise.

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