Franck Muller Limited edition « CRAZY HOURS » 55 for the 55th Birthday of Hiromi Go: Asian Magic

Swiss luxury watch brand Franck Muller has created a special edition Crazy Hours watch to celebrate the 55th birthday of the Japanese singer Hiromi Go. It features a Cintrée Curvex case set with black diamonds.

The limited series Franck Muller Crazy Hours 55 watch shows an exclusive design with the 5 placed at the usual top place of the 12. This timepiece is limited to 55 pieces. Hiromi Go has opted for the watch with limited edition numbering 5 / 55 because of his numerological preferences.

It has a guilloche dial with special details as a tribute to the Japanese singer. The hour-marking numerals except the number 5 are set with black diamonds. The hour-maker 5 is adorned with rubies.

Franck Muller has also announced the launch of Cintrée Curvex Red Whisper model to mark the 40th anniversary of Hiromi Go’s career. This model features special engravings on the case-back.