Hublot Masterpiece “MP-02 Key of Time”

Hublot’s MASTERPIECE collection is dedicated to complication watches and extraordinary movements, which are the fruit of cutting-edge research in the field of mechanics and engineering. The appearance of this new collection was made possible by Hublot reinforcing its manufacture’s workforce in 2010 with a team of 30 staff of the highest level, entirely dedicated to Grand Complications.

The first piece in this collection, the MP-01, was presented in January 2011. It was a barrel-shaped titanium watch with a shaped chronograph movement offering a 10-day power reserve thanks to its three barrels working in series, and produced in a series of just 100 pieces. Now Hublot introduces the second member of the MASTERPIECE collection: the MP-02 Key of Time.

The MASTERPIECE MP-02 is an innovative timepiece that gives you the ability to manage the passing of time as you wish. The mechanism driving the MP-02 Key of Time, thanks to a three-position crown, enables you to “modulate” the speed at which the hours and minutes pass, according to your wishes.

Position 1: If you want to savour every second of the passing of time: you can slow down the speed of the watch hands, dividing time by 4, whereby 1 conventional hour is represented as quarter of an hour on the MP-02 Key of Time display.

Position 2: If you want “real” time: select normal hand speed, to retain “standard” time, whereby one conventional hour equates to one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time.

Position 3: If you want time to pass quicker: you can accelerate the hand speed, multiplying time by four, whereby a conventional quarter of an hour is represented as one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time Key of Time display.

Hence with Key of Time, the wearer can make happy moments last four times longer or make difficult moments four times shorter, while retaining the option to “return” to real time at any moment. Three different indicators in a star arrangement on the dial each indicate the current speed of time, to avoid any confusion. You can leave this complex mechanism in position 1 or 3 indefinitely, and then, simply by returning it to position 2, watch the hands readjust to conventional time display. This performance is made possible by a genuine “mechanical memory” built into the movement. In addition to this exceptional complication, the MP-02 Key of Time boasts a vertical flying tourbillon cage, with the particularity of a seconds indicator on its edge.

Technical details
Reference: 902.ND.1190.RX
Series: 50 pieces numbered from 01/50 to 50/50

– Hour, minute
– Seconds via the vertical tourbillon cage
– Power reserve indicator
– Speed of time indicator (3-position)
– Tourbillon without ball bearing
– Manual winding
– Time-setting 3 o’clock, 2-position: Manual winding and time-setting stem
– Speed function 9 o’clock, 3-position: stem Real time, time 4x quicker, time 4x slower

– HUB 9002 – Dimensions 40.20 x 40.10 mm – Thickness 9.30 mm
– No. of Components 512
– Jewels 74
– Hairspring Flat, for extremely accurate setting
– Frequency 21,600 Vib/hour (3 Hz)
– Power reserve Approximately 100 hours (4 days)
– Oscillator Balance with adjustment inertia-blocks
– Moment of inertia 16 mg/cm2
– Lift angle 53°
– Shock absorbers Shock absorption for main plate and balance bridge
– Main plate & bridges Brass, bevelled with drawn rims, and circular-grained recesses
Black nickel coating
– Gear train Circular-grained & bevelled wheels. Coating: black gold and rhodium
Rolled pinions

Microblasted titanium (Grade 5), with black DLC coating
Screws: Polished and bevelled heads, rounded and polished ends

Multi-part black, with green transfers
Hands: Polished black nickel, with green SuperLuminova™

Black rubber strap
Clasp: Microblasted black ceramic and black PVD steel deployant buckle

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