NOMOS Glashütte Tangomat GMT Plus

Those who love the radically reduced, purist face of the Tangomat model but don’t want to relinquish a second time zone may choose the Tangomat GMT Plus and do as follows: shortly before landing in a foreign country, ask for the time difference, then press a button to set the new time zone on the Tangomat GMT Plus.

It’s not necessary to count while pressing the button, because the difference is shown in a small window at the nine o’clock position. But first one has to let the watch know where it is at home.

1. Press with some force on the button at two o’clock. The hour hand moves and at the same time the scale in the little window at nine o’clock moves a position further. Press as often as it takes until the display “+/- 0” appears in the window. This is the position where you are at home, for example Berlin, and the starting point for your travels through the time zones.

2. Now you need the adjusting pin for the recessed button at eight o’clock. When you press there and then retract the pin entirely, you move the hour hand – and it alone – one position further. Now, position by position, set the hour hand to the hour shown by the little time disc on the right. Now your watch is synchronized.

3. From this point on, continue as usual. The crown, pulled out, sets the time at your home, for example Berlin, quite conventionally. The hands and the little time disc move together thereby. But you have to pay attention to one thing: if the hour hand is on the ten, this can mean ten in the evening. It doesn’t matter to the hour hand – but it does to the time disc with its 24-hour display.

4. Now you can move through the time zones with the button at two o’clock. After pressing it 23 times, the hour hand has now arrived at “-1,” in our case Greenwich Mean Time. But the time in your home city is still the same on the small time disc. Now the movement needs a little power: turning the crown three or four times should do it. From now on, the watch winds itself with every movement of your arm.

You can also decide to make Greenwich Mean Time your zero point, of course. Or the time in New York. Or your own personal middle of the world. The small disc at three o’clock will always show this time there, while the hands show the hours to add or subtract, and thus the current time. In one point, however, the Tangomat GMT Plus always remains discreet.

Technical details

  • Model: Tangomat GMT Plus
  • Movement: ξ (xi) – manufactory caliber with automatic movement and world time indicator
  • Case: stainless steel, quinquepartite; diameter 40 mm; domed sapphire crystal glass; sapphire crystal glass back; height 10.85 mm
  • Dial: galvanized, white silver-plated, with time conversion disc at nine o’clock (i.e. an indicator showing the amount of hours that separate us from our home time) and 24-hour indicator
  • Hands: steel, tempered blue
  • Water-resistant to 3 atm
  • Strap: Horween Shell Cordovan


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