ArtyA Perpetual Calendar 1/1

Artya’s unveils a unique Perpetual Calendar watch, a high-end timepiece created in the purest rules of Swiss high watchmaking.

Its manufactured Swiss movement with silicon escapement DYS is enhanced by fabulous hieroglyphics engraving. This exclusive process on the plates, bridges and calendar discs provides great poly matt effect. An outstanding skeleton dial with 6 manufactured hands aesthetically decorated with a twisted and welded filament indicates all the necessary information – hour, date, month and year.

Beautiful steel, black and gold 5N colors blend the contrast between all the different parts of the movement and make these 10 pieces totally unique and different from each other. The bezel is engraved with the famous Hippocrates’ quote in hieroglyphs – Vita brevis, Ars longa. That’s a logical hint to the Ancient Egyptians and Greek philosophers as a Perpetual calendar by definition matches the eternity laws.

Technical details
– Caliber MHO-138
– The movement series 138 hand winding movement
– 39.5 mm diameter
– 8.00 mm height of the movement
– 60 Jewels v 144 hour Power Reserve
– 18.000 A/h
– Adjusted in 5 positions
– DYS Escapement (Dynamized Swiss Escapment after Martin Braun)
– Silicium Anchor
– Silicium Escapement Wheel
– Fine Adjustment System
– Power Reserve Indicator
– Balance with screws, made out of Glucydur
– All wheels made after Geneva Seal Standard with „Moulure“
– Zyclovente gear teeth. The teeth are modified by MHO, a mix between
– Zycloid and Involute teeth,combining the advantages out of both gear teeth kinds.
– Perpetual calendar
– Indication with hands on discs
– Engraving

Case, dial and strap
Case: 316 steel engraved case
Dial: Unique, skeleton dial
Hands: 6 manufactured hands decorated with a twisted and welded filament
Bracelet: Crocodile
Buckle: Treated steel pin buckle
Water resistance: 50 meters
Guarantee: 24 months
Quantity: 10 pieces

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