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This year, Swiss luxury watch brand Antoine Preziuso presents their latest timepiece – “POWER INSIDE” UNLIMITED, a powerful wristwatch reflects the benefits of a dynamic lifestyle by displaying the level of energy drawn from its wearer’s activities and movements.

“POWER INSIDE” UNLIMITED is a self-winding watch which draws its energy from a spring that is wound by the wearer’s movements and transmitted to a circular rotor. This extremely environment-friendly form of energy derived from human movement is more up to date than ever, perfectly ecological and creates a ‘win-win’ situation that benefits both the user and the watch.

Like the tachometer on a sports car, the “Power” segment sends a permanent message to the wearer regarding the energy present in the mechanism, and when the indicator is near the “Fine” zone, its owner can note that he and his watch form a dynamic tandem!

The dial design of this sleekly sophisticated model highlights the “Energy” segment with its red hand pointing to graduations ranging from “Down” to “Fine”. The spear shaped hands are openworked to ensure optimal aesthetic clarity and readability. The large 48 mm-diameter and 13 mm-thick case is made of stainless steel.
The contemporary architecture of this new creation ensures a rigid, sturdy and light structure distinguished by supporting pillars and fully removable lugs. 24 customised screws embodying the ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE identity surround and secure the case while ensuring perfect water resistance, while the strap in bright red over-stitched carbon fibre and Porosus crocodile leather further accentuates the intensity of the “Energy” sector pointer.

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