Blacksand Genève is a new generation Swiss luxury watch brand focused on modern technological innovations as well as traditional watch making skills . Founded & developed by Alain Mouawad according to a global concept, Blacksand watch brand is establishing itself as a benchmark in the art of modern watchmaking; an ingenious demonstration of simplicity and technical excellence, clad in black, violet and stone grey.

Through their refined finishing, Blacksand timepieces, entirely manufactured in Switzerland, uphold the maxim of “Always rise above the expected” which all dedicated watchmakers adopt as their code of conduct. From its inception, guided by an original design of powerful pure lines, Blacksand embodies multiple expressions of flawless craftsmanship. The Uniformity collection embodies a deep commitment towards a meticulous selection of the very best in watchmaking skills, accomplished by talented artisans.

Blacksand Uniformity Collection

Maintaining a deliberate overall simplicity, while at the same time inducing subtle and discreet details, Blacksand underscores readability, ergonomics, an apt choice of materials and essential functions provided by optimised high-end mechanical calibres. Its motto, Semper Fidelis expresses the will of drawing upon its inspiration from the feats of army and air force divisions that cultivate the spirit of accuracy by relying on efficient timekeeping instruments.

Watchmakers are well aware that the technical feats that inhabit behind the apparent simplicity of any horological creation require the mastery of noble crafts. Driven by an experienced and forward- thinking team, Blacksand asserts its philosophy by hallmarking the statement Elements of Time Manufactured in Switzerland. A stylised representation of an elegant hour glass, the logo inseparable from the brand, lends itself to all kinds of poetic interpretations: a rising sand snake, harmonies of yin/yang harmonies or even a sense of infinity conveyed by the figure 8….

Heralding of a new watchmaking approach that underpins authenticity, Blacksand is taking on the challenge of being timeless, using aesthetic landmarks that fit in with both a modern present and a classic future. Uncompromisingly perfected down to the last detail after gradually maturing in the mind of founder Alain Mouawad, known as an eminent connoisseur, its creations meet the expectations of the world’s most demanding collectors.

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