Hamilton Lipstick Ladies Watch Collection

Hamilton gives timekeeping a unique and refreshing twist by presenting Lipstick, a new ladies watch collection from this historical watch brand.

Taking the form of a luxurious lipstick, it integrates two dials, for keeping track of time in different places. A cocktail of polished stainless steel and iridescent pink, including a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, makes the Hamilton Lipstick the perfect accessory for modern women faced with multi-tasking challenges. The unusual design also promises to keep a smile on their faces, as well as those of intrigued onlookers.

The first dial of the Hamilton Lipstick forms an integral part of the cylindrical case and is visible at all times. It is shielded by a lightly curved sapphire crystal in a bold shade of pink. A gentle twist of the case reveals the second compact dial, also with two hands. Unlike its cosmetic namesake, the Hamilton lipstick will never find itself lost in the dark depths of a handbag.

Hamilton Lipstick Ladies Watch

This timepiece comes equipped with a leather cord to turn it into a necklace, a white leather strap to attach it conveniently to the wrist, and with a white leather belt for it to be fixed on to. The Hamilton Lipstick even has its own “It-Bag”, a slender white leather pouch-style sleeve with its own special, secure attachment.

The stunning styling of the spectrum of accessories comprised by the Hamilton Lipstick is wrapped in Swiss quality and proven watchmaking expertise. Hamilton has demonstrated it knows what women want since 1908, when the American brand turned heads with its first ladies’ wristwatches, on a scene dominated by masculine pocket watches. The Hamilton Lipstick presents a vision of the future of feminine timekeeping built on solid and insightful foundations.

Dependability comes in the shape of top quality materials, Swiss-made movements and water resistance to 3 bar. The time in the two possible time zones is set easily and discreetly via small valves at the rear of the watch elements.

And whereas LBD usually stands for Little Black Dress, the Hamilton interpretation is Little Black Box. This special packaging, in the form of an elegant black box, offers safe storage for the Hamilton Lipstick, strap, necklace, belt and pouch.

Technical details

Material: Stainless steel
Dial Color: Iridescent pink
Attachments: White leather
Movement: Swiss-made quartz
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 3 bar

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