After studying the faces of many mechanical clocks and watches, Daniel Nebel, founder of the NORD ZEITMASCHINE watch brand observed that the clocks with central hands, peripheral counters, retrograde displays, rotating systems etc., the indicating element (hand, disc, cage, etc.) always rotates around a fixed axis. Due to this fact, the radius of the indicating element always remains constant. In most cases, this constant radius completes a full rotation or, in the case of retrograde displays, only a segment of e.g. 120°.

Daniel Nebel was looking for another form of display that involved no fixed centre of rotation. At first he was looking at levers and lever systems to solve the problem, but found no solution. Either the displayed area of the time was too small or the path of the hand intersected or, in another construction, the optical appearance of the path of the hand was unfavourable. Only after countless simulated constructions, Daniel Nebel reached the solution with the two counter-rotating eccentric cams. After determining the correct positions of the fulcrums and the lengths of the levers, the resulting path that the hands follow was perfect for him.

He chose the position of the eccentric cams so that the maximum displacement (maximum distance per minute) occurs on the hour. As a minor drawback it then turned out that in the range of ¼ before and ¼ past the full hour, the hand only travelled a small distance per minute as a result of the “dead point” of the eccentric cams. Actually, one could easily have lived with the fact that during this low-displacement period, visibility was not that great.

Daniel Nebel was not quite satisfied and looked for a solution and constructed for this area, two segment displays that “run counter” to the hands and thus improve visibility. Result: During the 60 minutes, the minute hand moves at different speeds and travels along a path with varying curves, and the spectacular timepiece VARIOCURVE was born.

Technical details

25 jewels and 5 integrated precision micro-ball bearings.
Sliding parts as the minute hand from the material ARCAP.
Symmetrical 360° winding rotor with integrated winding weights,which are not visible by looking through the botttom.
28800 vibrations per hour
Power reserve to 42 h
Basic ETA 2824

Minutes, VARIOCURVE ,double minute segment display, hours decentralized, date.

Stainless steel
Bezel and sapphire crystal back, 7-times screwed
Crown with double o-ring seals
Screwed strap bars
Water resistant: 10 ATM (100 meters)

Diameter : 43,6 mm
Height : 15,8 mm
Weight : 110 Gramm (without strap)

Top: sapphire crystal curved / flat 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm
Bottom : sapphire crystal flat 1,8 mm

Calf leather strap, wide 22mm

Model Variations
VARIOCURVE V1: Mechanical parts coated, white rhodium / black gold
VARIOCURVE V2: Mechanical parts coated, white rhodium / pink gold
VARIOCURVE V3: Mechanical parts coated, white rhodium / yellow gold

VARIOCURVE V1: Limited to 97 pieces, from N° 1 to N° 97
VARIOCURVE V2: Limited to 97 pieces, from N° 1 to N° 97
VARIOCURVE V3: Limited to 97 pieces, from N° 1 to N° 97

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