Heritage Watch Manufactory Magnus Contemporaine & Magnus Classic

The Magnus by Heritage Watch Manufactory is a perfect watch and absolutely perfect timepiece for everyone who loves perfectly constructed mechanical objects in their purest form.

Its precision balance, the special mechanisms for fine regulation of the escapement, the balance cock and even the balance wheel are completely unique.

Magnus Contemporaine

This design is available in two variants — while the dial of the Magnus Contemporaine shows a perfectly executed interplay of space and volume, the Magnus Classic reflects the business-like finesse of the watch.

Magnus Classic

Technical details

– 3-hand watch
– Hours / minutes / small seconds (at 6 o’clock),

– Independent manufacture Calibre: Cal. 880
– 5 patents pending
– Fully hardened parts
– 100 % Swiss Made

– Designed by Eric Giroud
– Variants: (a) Polished / satinised steel (b) White gold or red gold (Only for Magnus Classic)
– Water resistance: 50 m
– Length over strap-holding bridges: 53.10 mm
– Casing diameter: 42.50 mm
– Casing height, total: 13.05 mm
– Casing height, without crystal: 11.30 mm
– Crystal: Domed sapphire glass
– Casing back crystal: Flat sapphire glass

Designed by Eric Giroud
Shock resistance: Dial positioned by means of pins, screwed directly onto the movement

Dial Variants:
– Magnus Classic: Brass/ tracery: blue (steel casing) or Gold, with gold applications / tracery: anthracite (gold
– Magnus Contemporaine: Brass, with brass applications

Hands: Hardened steel

Leather / alligator, with pin buckle
Bracelet size: Strap-holding bridge: 22 mm / buckle: 20 mm

Movement Specifications
Calibre Nº: HWM Cal. 880
Diameter: 38.30 mm
Height: 6.10 mm
Jewels: 33
Escapement type: Swiss lever escapement; capillary phase to improve oil retention; capillary phase to improve oil retention
Balance: Mass-regulated Vivax balance / 16 mm / patent pending
Balance spring: Over-coil hairspring (Breguet)
Fine regulation: Tenere fine adjustment / patent pending
Mainspring barrel: Pariter twin mainspring barrel / patent pending
Semi-oscillations: 18 000 / h
Mainspring barrel diameter: 17.40 mm
Moment of inertia: 126 mgmm²

Gear train
Gear tooth system: Cycloid gear teeth
Pinions: Fully hardened steel pinions
Gears: Copper beryllium
Mainspring barrel: Copper beryllium
Screws: Steel, blued and polished
Power reserve: 50 h

Movement plates: Diamante bevelled

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