The Antoine Preziuso Geneve is an independent and family run luxury watch brand owned by Preziuso family. Antoine Preziuso, a talented watch maker and restorer who was born and brought up in the world of horology launched his own luxury Swiss watch brand in 1990.

Antoine Preziuso Geneve is specialised in the manufacturing of complications such as tourbillon wrist watches, tourbillon wrist watches with jumping hours and minute repeaters with perpetual calendar, Minute repeaters with automatons, erotic automaton wrist watches, second time zone and unique timepieces.

Antoine Preziuso was born in Genene in 1957 and became passionately interested in watch making at very early age. Fascinated by horology from an early edge, Antoine trained at the Geneva Watchmaking School and graduated with a diploma top results in 1974 as a restorer and practicing watchmaker. After working with leading horology auctioneer Antiquorum, he opened his own workshop in Geneva and became a member of the “Cabinotiers de Genève”. He built a reputation both for his meticulous restoration and repair work, and for the creation of original and often extremely complicated watches developed for major brands.

1995 saw a milestone first presentation of his own watches at the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, on the booth of the Académie des Horlogers Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI). Since then, he has never looked back, with world-première introductions in terms of both exterior materials (such as the signature use of meteorite) and movements (like the revolutionary 3Volution triple-tourbillon model marking 25 year of independence). All of which does not prevent him from continuing to place his inventive mind in the service of other great names, such as by creating the stunningly original Opus Two for Harry Winston, or a dual time-zone model for the BEDAT&Co brand.

In 1974 Antoine Preziuso successfully passed the entrance exam for the Geneva watch making school. For 4 years, he trained as a restorer and then supplemented this by specializing as a practicing watch maker. In 1978, Antoine Preziuso was hired by Patek Philippe where he was appreciated as much for his professional qualities as for his serious attitude to his work. In 1980, Antoine Preziuso was requested by the world’s leading auctioneer in the field of horology, Antiquorum, to open their first workshop for restoration and appraisal of collectors watches. In 1981, he opened his own workshop in Geneva.

His reputation was immediately recognized and the Geneva watch museum “Musee de l’Horlogerie de Geneva” as well as great collectors entrusted rare and fine timepieces to his care. In 1989, Antoine Preziuso was challenged by one of the great watch firms to develop and produce a series of the most complicated watches in world-minute repeater with a perpetual calendar. After two years of study,research and development, the first such watch,complete with a splendid presentation box was sold at auction by Antiquorum in Geneva.

In 1995, Antoine Preziuso exhibited his own creations at the Basel World watch and Jewellery show at the stand of AHCI. In 2001, Antoine Preziuso developed a unique dual time zone model for Goldfeil Geneva, a firm specializing in luxury leather goods. In 2002 Antoine Preziuso presented the largest collection of tourbillon models at Basel world comprising 6 different tourbillons. He also took part in the Opus Two event orchestrated by Harry Winston at Basel world 2002. For the occasion, he created 12 tourbillon models and 12 tourbillon watches with calendar displays, some of them set with diamonds. He also developed a dual time zone model for Bedat & Co, which was also presented at Basel world.

In 2004, the company opened its first boutique Antoine Preziuso “Les Heures Precieuses” in Geneva. In the same year he was also succeeded to repair a historical clock of Kremlin which had not worked for 40 years. In 2005, Antoine Preziuso celebrated his 25 years of independence as a master watch maker. He created a a revolutionary timepiece “The 3Volution” to mark this event.

Preziuso Family
Admirably living up to their Italian name which means “precious”, four members and two generations of the Geneva-based Antoine Preziuso clan – Antoine himself, his wife May, son Florian and daughter Laura – each make an inestimably valuable contribution to the art of keeping and embellishing time.

Visiting the Preziuso workshops is much like entering the private sphere of a family united by a sense of genuine values including teamwork, fine craftsmanship, creativity, mutual trust and admiration, as well as freedom of expression. Their broad collective range of talents is entirely dedicated to cultivating a shared passion for art and for watchmaking. This strong family spirit naturally permeates the team of other highly motivated professionals working for the Antoine Preziuso brand and forms a stable and reliable core that augurs well for the enduring success of the company.

Throughout his career to date, Antoine has been able to count upon the unstinting support of his wife May. The latter is particularly well equipped to provide such support, thanks to her paramedical training. From 1990 onwards, she naturally began in parallel to play an increasing role in the administrative tasks relating to running a business. In light of the ongoing expansion, she has been entirely dedicated to her work within the company since 2000, handling administration, logistics, marketing and communication. While her presence undoubtedly lightens Antoine’s burden in these fields and gives him the all-important time and space in which to exercise his creativity, the two of them naturally work in close cooperation and take all major decisions on a joint basis.

While Antoine and May are definitely not the kind of parents to impose a career choice on their children, they are naturally delighted that both their son and daughter should have inherited the blend of technical expertise, Swiss exactitude and Italian-inspired aesthetic awareness that have become the trademark of Antoine Preziuso creations. The fact that they should also freely decide to make their personal contribution to the success of the family business, each in their own specific way, is the icing on the cake…

After graduating from the Geneva Watchmaking School at the top of his class, Florian Preziuso worked with his father for a year and then traveled around Australia for six months to improve his English. Wisely opting to gain experience within another context, he then worked in the Complications workshops at Franck Muller for a full three years, before taking charge of the Antoine Preziuso workshops as of March 2006.

Meanwhile, Laura studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva, specializing in jewellery. At the close of her five years of study, during which she won the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation competition in 2004, she also graduated at the top of her class in June 2006. Cultivating a blend of independence and cooperation clearly reminiscent of her father’s approach to his art, she opened her Atelier in October 2006 and is already working on the Antoine Preziuso jewellery creations and launched her own collection in 2007.

A legacy of love and passion
Wandering around the premises and noting the long hours devoted to even the tiniest details of Antoine Preziuso timepieces, one is quickly aware that production records and high turnover goals are not the prevailing rule here. Instead, the emphasis is firmly placed on ensuring the superlative quality of all products and of laying the foundations for exclusive and long-term relationships with the clientele.

These clearly established family-driven principles are indeed vividly conveyed by the atmosphere pervading the brand’s two Geneva boutiques: the aptly named “Les Heures Précieuses” store on the quai des Bergues, and another in the prestigious nearby Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

Nonetheless, the strongest impression of all radiating from this unique and fiercely independent family brand is a determination to derive intense personal pleasure from the creative process. This single-minded approach to their individual work and to their collective undertaking is quite obviously shared by Antoine, May, Florian, Laura, as well as by the dedicated personnel surrounding this tight-knit family unit.

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