Volna Heritage Typhoon Collection

VOLNA Heritage is a collection of subaquatic sports watches featuring a powerful, sophisticated design asserting a mysterious and atypical legacy – that of Soviet submarine naval forces – and drawing upon a contemporary interpretation of the most sophisticated Swiss watchmaking technologies. The Volna Heritage Typhoon series, named after the Typhoon class (“Akula” in Russian) project 941 nuclear submarine missile launchers that inspired it, features a rugged architecture based on a 46.5 mm-diameter, 2.5 mm thick case, a voluminous left-hand crown, a dial aperture and water resistance to 300 metres.

Introducing chronograph functions, a gauge-type power-reserve display, and later a rotating bezel for the Siberia series, VOLNA consistently creates technical, restrained watches incorporating grade 5 titanium, a sure sign of the brand’s mastery of cutting-edge horological technology.

Volna Typhoon Heritage SI Security Indicator
Volna Typhoon Heritage SI “Security Indicator”, Black steel PVD case with microball finishing, Black galvanic dial with red markers and numbers with superluminova, Rubber strap with red stitching, Water-resistant to 300m/ 1,000ft

The Typhoon ballistic missile submarine is the most impressive of all such vessels, with a displacement of up to 48,000 tons and a length of some 170 meters (about 560 feet), the perfect example of a strategic weapons system. Designed to project raw power worldwide, its three pressure hulls give it exceptional resistance to extremes of pressure.

In the same spirit, Typhoon watches and indeed the entire Volna collection are water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters (about 985 feet). Since exceptional performance demands outstanding designs, the Typhoon’s round case is crafted exclusively in 316L steel or G5 titanium. Measuring 46.5 mm in diameter, it is a study in astute engineering and metallurgical expertise.

Combining straight lines with a variety of curves, sharp edges and acute angles, a Typhoon watchcase is a demanding challenge even for sophisticated machine tools and highly experienced operators. Original in both style and spirit, it includes two patented original features.

Volna Heritage Typhoon Chronograph
Volna Heritage Typhoon Chronograph

The Typhoon’s double security crown construction provides effective shock protection and reinforces the case’s overall water-resistance. It features a “crown actuator” that fits over the actual crown, recessed in the caseband of the watch, which serves to carry out the various setting operations.

Large and unusual in appearance, the device adds originality and an immediately recognisable character to the watch’s visual signature. The Typhoon collection’s other exclusive device is the security indicator on its dial. After each setting operation involving the crown, the dial window switches from indicating the “open” position back to indicating “300 M”, confirming that the crown has been completely screwed back in, thus returning the watch to its rated water-resistance.

These devices contribute to the integrity and dependable operation of the watch’s Swiss selfwinding mechanical movement. Volna high-frequency (28,800 v.p.h.) movements are all chronometer-tested, and its hands and other parts are made specially for the brand.

Denominated Typhoon SI, for Security Indicator, Typhoon SBDI, for Security Big Date Indicator, and Typhoon SPRI for Security Power Reserve Indicator, these three Volna timepieces lead the brand’s 2007 market launch.

Their production run of a few hundred each gives aficionados of exceptional wristwatches an opportunity to choose between various cases and dial combinations. In addition, on every Typhoon dial a metal edging frames each of the auxiliary displays. Their particular shape and position on the dial contribute to the ease of identification and distinctive personality of each model.

Typhoon straps match the case’s exceptional quality and personality. Made of natural rubber, they have attachments embedded in the material and a twin-pronged clasp in 316L stainless steel. Lastly, every Volna watchcase carries on its side an ID plate, also in 316L steel, laser-inscribed with the name of the collection, its distinguishing technical device and the serial number of the watch.


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