ArtyA Oh, my Dog!!!

Swiss luxury watch brand ArtyA now mixes art with horology in a more direct way, offering specially selected popular artists the ability to expand a one-of-a-kind miniaturized watch dial into a full-scale painting.

Oh My Dog has a friendly face on the watch face. Artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka was asked by a customer to reproduce a painting of a white pit bull on the dial of an ArtyA Coup de Foudre watch. Struck by lightning to produce an absolutely unique effect, this timepiece not only has a totally original dial, but a piece unique watch case to go with it.

ArtyA Oh, my Dog!!!

The lugs and the side of the steel case have been decorated with diamonds, while inside the timepiece is a Swiss automatic mechanical movement. ArtyA’s message of artful watch making is perfectly clear when a watch dial becomes a painting itself. This continuing tradition will reveal itself again with new partnerships between artists and watch maker in the creation of exclusively piece unique offerings.

Technical details

Self-winding, 28,800 vibrations per hour
Entirely manufactured in Switzerland
Power reserve: 42 hours
Jewelling: 25 jewels

316 steel Silver-coloured
“Coup de foudre” Collection: cases engraved, mutilated, tortured, “lightning-struck”
100,000 volts, 200,000 volts, 500,000 volts or 1,000,000 volts
Water resistance 50 metres

Unique, hand-decorated according to 17 exclusive artistic processes that are unique in the watch industry

“Alzavel waterproof” treated leather and hand-sewn high-tech rubber, or “crazy frog” tanned cane toad

24 months