Pequignet Calibre Royal

Calibre Royal is a new generation and state of the art Calibre fully designed, prototyped, tested and assembled in Pequignet’s Haute Horlogerie laboratory in Morteau, in the heart of the French Jura watchmaking country.

The Large Date and Day – Power Reserve Indicator configuration comprises 298 parts. 250 design plans were drawn up in the Pequignet laboratory.

All complications – Large Date and Day, Power Reserve Indicator, Moon Phase and future complications – are and will be built into the original main plate. This incorporation ensures stability, reliability and harmony in a multiple complication calibre.

Pequignet Calibre Royal automatic calibre

Multiple complications built into a 13 ¾ calibre with a height of just 5.88 mm, thereby making for a highly elegant multiple complication watch.

High degree of openworking over the entire regulating part, Large Balance, Pallet fork and Pallet wheel. Observable winding system and power reserve differential. Large Barrel, Oscillating Weight and Large Balance aligned on central axis of movement.

The Escapement, Barrel and automatic system enable independent and separate After-Sales servicing on each of the 3 parts. Large mono-block tungsten carbide weight, offset to allow balance visibility, circulating on a peripheral runner.

Large Barrel
A single Large Barrel provides 100-hour power reserve design, with a guaranteed run time of 88 hours, with an exceptional 72-hour display isochronism. In an exceptional feature, the spring is wound by the barrel drum, while the initial force is distributed by a central barrel axis inserted between 2 jewels and not joined with the aforesaid barrel. This original distribution system provides perfect linearity and regularity of the movement driving force. The overall isochronism is exceptional, the amplitude is set to 220° in vertical position after 72 hours’ operation of the power reserve.

Crown winding system
An original system combining shaped memory spring and reverser; an all-new system, by means of the winding stem alone, ensures remarkable reliability and accuracy of the winding & time setting functions and other corrections. Unique manual winding system declutching when the oscillating weight is in motion. Despite the presence of an automatic winding system, the Breguet teeth make for a pleasant sensation when turning the winding stem backward.

Automatic winding system
Dual direction winding. Original system based on the principle of reversers, reduced number of parts and improved general efficiency through reduction of normally encountered friction. Bearing with large balls and in-house design.

A large 4-arm diamond-polished balance, with high inertia, ensures accuracy and regularity. This large balance also provides resistance to impacts, interference, and single or simultaneous activation of one or more complications. Central protection via Incabloc damper system. The laboratory opted for a highly specialised frequency of 21 600 oscillations/hour (3 Hz) to ensure regulating part reliability and service life.

These technical reliability characteristics make for longer intervals between After-Sales overhauls and servicing. Adjustment via compensating screws with in-house stud holder, including a lock strip providing impact resistance. Balance crossover bridge providing positioning stability and impact resistance. Also available in Breguet hairspring version.

Power Reserve
The power reserve system also contributes to the reliability objective, by reducing the number of parts and through the absence of a friction spring system or other random system. This unique system offers simplification and reliability.

Large Date and Day
Double Large Date and Day windows, with no amplitude loss upon activation. This all-new system, unique worldwide, makes for accuracy, reliability and easy correction operations.

Technical details

21, 600 oscillations/hour (3 Hz)
Mechanism service life, oil durability, adhesion of lubricants.
«100-hour design» Large Barrel, set to 88 hours.
Initial force distribution by a large central barrel axis, independent of the Large Barrel, and inserted between 2 jewels.
Linearity and stability of initial force.
Exceptional isochronism range guaranteed for 72 hours, with dial display.
Amplitude set to 220° in vertical position after 72-hour operation.
High inertia large balance with compensating screws, with stud holder clamp to safeguard the rate against impacts.
The crossover bridge ensures robustness, stability and positioning precision, as well as impact resistance.
Also available in Breguet hairspring version.

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