Celsius X VI II LeDIX Origine

Created by Paris based luxury brand Celsius X VI II, LeDIX is a clamshell cell phone with an integrated tourbillion watch. As streamlined as a sports car, this aerodynamic creation is made from polished and brushed grade 5 titanium discreetly enhanced by inserts. It is the ultimate expression of contemporary elegance.

The exclusive mechanical movement, developed under the technical supervision of Celsius X VI II, has what it takes to appeal to the most demanding watchmaking connoisseurs: a flying tourbillon equipped with exclusive shock-absorbers and more offset than any existing model; a modern design focusing on transparency; as well as fine watch finishing and decoration. The stage setting chosen for this movement ensures peerless visibility and aesthetic elegance.

When LeDIX opens its wings, an attentive listener perceives a gentle noise that micromechanical devotees are sure to appreciate. It comes from the patented winding system of its horological component. Housed within the hinge, this Remontage Papillon (Butterfly Winding) is activated with each opening, thereby adding three hours of power reserve to the total 100 hours – a major innovation that elevates this nomadic object to an extraordinary, fusional dimension.

This state-of-the-art communication device comprises a range of features that take micromechanics well beyond its usual boundaries, including: a mechanical battery-ejection system; a main connector protected by a mechanical-locking flap; and screen-flap closing cushioned by a set of spring-mounted ball bearings.

The electronic communication platform combines high performance with extreme reliability. Designed in collaboration with renowned French company, recognised as a global benchmark in the field of customised connected lifestyle devices, it embodies the most demanding quality standards. Its interface, which deliberately focuses on the essential mobile functions, makes LeDIX the ultimate personal phone, specifically designed for the pleasure of escaping from daily routine. This approach targeting durability, quality and simplicity involved a number of challenges, such as handling interferences with the moving watch components, or with the metal casing – itself a token of nobility and superior resistance. The fusion of haute horologerie with the world of mobile technology led to some innovative features, such as the mechanical whisper of time constantly accompanying every communication.

This revolutionary object comes complete with its very own ecosystem of accessories. “LeKit”: the no-hands kit secured by a tie-pin style clip, “LaBase”: the docking station. “LaChaîne”, the innovative chain system, and “LeCoffret”: the presentation box. They’ve been all devised and designed by Celsius X VI II.

They are crafted in noble materials and equipped with mechanical components reflecting the brand’s fundamental concept. Leather items, such as “LeHolster”: the holster-type pouch, are made from top-quality hand-sewn hides.

LeDIX is available in two limited editions:
• LeDIX Origine, limited edition of 18 in grade 5 titanium with ebony inserts
• LeDIX Véloce, limited edition of 28 in black PVD-treated titanium with carbon fibre inserts

Technical Specifications

General features:
• Clamshell mobile phone
• Around 600 mechanical parts, including 330 in the watch movement alone
• Structure entirely milled from a block of grade 5 titanium
• High-end watchmaking finishes: polishing, satin-brushing, Clous de Paris hobnail pattern, shotblasting

Mechanical Movement:
• Patented mechanical hinge (Remontage Papillon), serving to harness and store the kinetic energy generated by the user. On this specific model the energy is then used to activate the mechanical system
• 100-hour power reserve. Each opening and closing of the clamshell phone generates an additional 3 hours of power reserve
• Flying Solitaire tourbillon visible on both sides. World’s most off-centred tourbillon (36 mm)
• Regulating organ mounted on shock-absorbers (4 springs)
• Movement integrated within water-resistant box in aluminium treated with GL coating of titanium and ceramics to ensure extreme resistance

The phone:
• Mechanical battery-ejection system, Clous de Paris hobnail pattern
• 7 main sapphire parts, some featuring two radii of curvature
• Technology developed in cooperation with a French company, renowned for the high quality and reliability of its platforms. Every platform is tested to meet the highest standards.
• Platform Made in France, 2.75G GSM-GPRS-EDGE : Triband 900/1800/1900MHz
• User interface deliberately simple, user friendly and designed to optimize the ergonomics
• Screen AM-OLED : 2.2″ QVGA 320×240 262k colours
• Photo / Video : 3.2Mpix camera, Autofocus, Flash, Digital Zoom
• Music : MP3, AAC, AAC+, Music Player. Stereo, 3D sound
• Video streaming, video capture and playback, progressive download
• Bluetooth 1.2 Profile : AADP, AVRCP
• MMS, Java application, 2Go internal memory (SD card), Browser open source
• Battery: Li-Ion 770mAh, >3.5 hours talking time, 240 hours of power reserve in standby mode
• Multi-lingual interface, including: French, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic

Ecosystem of accessories:
• “LeHolster”: Minimum of 2 hand-stitched leather accessories designed by Celsius X VI II and made by specialized craftsmen
• “LeKit”: Mechanical Hands-Free Kit in leather and polished /satin-brushed metal. This “tie pin” accessory includes an ingenious system ensuring the wires do not tangle
• “LaBase”: Mechanical Docking Station in wood, leather and polished and satin brushed metal to recharge and synchronize the phone. A mechanical system enables easy docking and undocking of the phone
• “LaChaîne”: Chain equipped with mechanical components: belt attached with spring-mounted beads and mechanically linked to the phone.

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