Christopher Ward C70 Brooklands Chronograph COSC

Christopher Ward, the luxury watchmaker, is launching one of the most accurate watches in the world – a new version of its original C70 Brooklands Chronograph which celebrates Britain’s original Grand Prix. The C70 COSC will be accurate to within one second a month and has been certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (the institute that measures the accuracy and precision of watches made in Switzerland).

Christopher Ward has used no less than five stepping motors to ensure the C70 COSC’s accuracy. The tiny motors which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (or movement) are normally used to control lasers or welding robots. When used in watches, stepping motors provide extremely accurate movements of the gearing and hands and the more that are used, the more accurate the watch’s components become.

Even if a mechanical watch is 99.9% accurate, it can still lose or gain a minute and a half in only 24 hours. A typical modern Swiss made quartz watch will lose or gain about a second a day, or 30 seconds a month, meaning that it is 99.9998% accurate. The C70 COSC is more than 30 times as accurate and so there may well be no need to correct it for several years.

The C70 COSC will be available from late October 2010 and true to its aim of bringing luxury watches within everyone’s reach, Christopher Ward have kept its price down to just £499.

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