Techné Sparrow Hawk Chronograph

Techné Sparrow Hawk chronograph features a Swiss Venus 175 caliber design built in the Chinese Tianjin Seagull movement factory with Swiss tooling they purchased in the 1960’s.

Techné Sparrow Hawk chronograph

Its original design takes cues from historic timepieces and aviation instruments. Designed to provide a simple 30 minutes chronograph function, the Sparrow Hawk is the first watch featuring the Techné Altitude dial, a design based on the principles of ergonomics and avionics to allow reading under all circumstances.

Hours indexes and hands are coated with NewLite, a non-radioactive and non-toxic strontium aluminate-based photo luminescent material manufactured by industry leader Tritec.


The 316L stainless steel case houses the Seagull ST-1901, a hand-wound mechanical chronograph using the column-wheel, a command gear design sought by vintage watch collectors.

The Sparrow Hawk sells at price range of $400 -$450.

About Techné watches

The founder of Techné became a watch collector and trader over more than a decade ago. As an award-winning product designer and goldsmith he spent several years working on a patented watch case design that went into production in 2004.

Shortly before relocating to work for one of the best-performing Swiss watch companies in 2007, he sought to register a trademark under which he would release alternative mechanical timepieces and adornments designed for collectors like himself.

As mountaineer and sailor, he is familiar with the constraints that wristwatches undergo in a hostile environment, and he relies upon his experience in the fields of ergonomics, watch making and gold smithing to design no frills timepieces that provide a great value for money.

[texni], which translates to craftsmanship or craft, is the rational method involved in producing an object through art. This Ancient Greek word was chosen as a recognizable signature for mechanical timepieces and adornments manufactured for connoisseurs. Each piece signed by Techné is the result of a careful design process that blends ergonomics and style.

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