HORUS is a Monaco based time-wear brand specialized in high complex, Tailor-Made and completely customisable luxury watches. HORUS brand is founded by André Grossmann, a former avionics engineer of Swiss origin.

André Grossmann had ten years of experience in the aeronautic field which allowed him to unite the necessary technical knowledge and savoir-faire to create an unusual and innovative brand. It took four years of research and development with help from partners, leaders in their sphere, to propose a concept of high complex, Tailor-Made and completely customisable HORUS watches.

HORUS tailor made timepieces feature:-

– Collection of 3 shapes of cases
– One of Horus 5 flying tourbillon movements
– Customer’s engravings
– Innovative materials stemming from advanced engineering or exceptional fine materials
– An exclusive (patented) two-material strap system combining unique materials

The brand offers an exceptional choice of five HORUS movements, flying tourbillon base and with added great complexities (Classique, A 4 temps, Marine, Chrono, Repetition-Minutes or Repetition-Minutes Cathedrale).

Clean lines, fine materials and stemming from advanced engineering. A great complexity to be worn on every occasion and which will go with you on each of your activities. By developing still more innovative systems, such as Horus’ reversible strap, it can propose much more than a watch. In fact, your time piece becomes a magnificent jewel and adapts itself to your desires.

With HORUS charter, the brand undertakes:-

– Producing a Tailor-Made strap according to the size of your wrist.
– Giving you the greatest freedom to Customise it seeing that you are choosing the shape of your case, your tourbillon movement, your dial, your engravings, the materials, coverings and precious stones.
– Guaranteeing the exclusive rights of a Unique Watch.
– Proposing tested and approved materials plus coverings stemming from Advanced Engineering.
– Supplying an Outstanding and Reliable watch by assuring you of a minimum 200m waterproofing
– Showing the greatest Responsiveness by delivering your watch within a three-month time limit from the confirmation and reception of the order form.
– Assuring you of the Biocompatibility of the materials respecting human beings and the environment.
– Giving you an exceptional, renewable 10 year Guarantee.

Straps are Tailor-Made in HORUS Leather Goods workshop in Monaco. HORUS’ leather craftsman takes the measurements of your wrist to guarantee your ergonomics and comfort. You will then choose the type of skin, colour, the type of topstitching and the colour of the thread. Information about your strap will be kept in a safe-deposit box assigned to you so as to be able to produce another strap when you request it and whether you are here or abroad.

The brand gives you the possibility of creating a watch that resembles you with an exceptional choice of collection, movement, materials, finishing and colour. Remarkably well-executed engravings totally carried out by hand by a master-engraver and according to your choice and desires, thus customising your watch and enhancing it.

Official website: http://www.horus.mc

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