Aquanautic La Lady Clip Cabochon Collection

For 7 years AQUANAUTIC has branded its reputation for the unique inter-changeability of its accessories (bezel, bracelet, mask). With the use of a special instrument included, the look of the watch always had the option to change.

Now, the AQUANAUTIC “La Lady Clip Cabochon” collection revolutionizes this concept by taking the inter-changeability to a new level.

Aquanautic La Lady Clip Cabochon watch

With the arrival of this amazing new collection, the already classic and best-selling models, The Bara Cuda and Princess Cuda, now including also the new “Curl” screws, received a boost that will surely continue the success of this unique design.

To complete this new evolution, the newly developed bracelets continue the trendy & glamour look, with the simplicity of finger pressure to change anytime.

The bezel has a hidden pusher inside to un-mount the bezel by a simple pressure applied by the fingers. Like the name, La Lady Clip Cabochon boasts unique natural sapphire cabochons that release the bracelet by a simple pressure.

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