GREINER Invention of the fuel engine skeleton watch

Everything in this watch can move. Not only the beautiful hand skeleton movement which tells you the time with Swiss precision but also a golden motor boat swims on engraved waves, an ancient dirigible floats high in the sky sculptured in 18ct gold.

Gottlieb Daimler, the founder of Mercedes Benz greets us with his waving hat. You only have to move the watches crown to start the delicious game. Water, air and land- the use of Daimlers’ first fuel engines was widespread.
GREINER Invention of the fuel engine skeleton watch
The finely detailed, engraved market place of Schorndorf, the birth place of Daimler gives a nice background.

The straight stainless steel case, which was also made by skilled hands, emphasizes the masterly art of jewelers’ engraving. An excellent horology marvel from GREINER.

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