Equipe is a unique and powerful brand of timepieces born in Detroit, the automotive capital of the world and are geared for those who are passionate about classic cars, collectible automobiles and auto racing in general.

Never before has so much original design reality converged in a watch brand. Like the cars they represent, Equipe watches own the road, and enable the wearer to proudly display his passion on the wrist. Much like the muscle cars of half a century ago still so coveted, and the classic cars of yesteryear so beloved today, Equipe watches evoke the same emotions for a car enthusiast, and tell a similar story.

Equipe is all about the unbridled spirit and ravishing beauty of automobiles. Each Equipe watch collection recalls some high-option auto feature – from the engine to the exhaust, from the interior to the exterior, from the tiniest ball joint to the most obvious paint color. Equipe embodies identifiable parts of the car with enviable reality and daring design.

Equipe watches are the brainchild of a passionate classic automobile lover living and working in Detroit, where automotive creativity reigns supreme. By incorporating deluxe décor, vigorous body style and performance under the hood of Equipe watches, the brand gives car lovers a way to bring their hobby out of the garage.

The various collections of Equipe watches – each one distinctly different from one another and each immediately identifiable – are so alluring that Equipe will become a new collecting passion. With 15 series, such as the Dash, Big Block, Hemi and BallJoint, among others, the edgy styles are a masterpiece in watchmaking design that most customers will want to own more than one.

Designed in Detroit and made according to the strictest standards of excellence and high performance, each Equipe line has its own unique body style and is crafted of the finest materials. All watches utilize high-grade 316L surgical stainless steel, Miyota/Citizen movements, hardened non-glare mineral crystals, screw-down crowns, screw-in casebacks, and luminous hands, markers or dials.

All models are water resistant to 100 meters and are backed by a one-year warranty. Automotive accents are used in each of the models, including striking gasket designs, power belts, timing chains, gauges, machined effects and other sleek touches that recall the golden age of horsepower in Detroit.

Each Equipe watch has its own VIN serial number, and each is sold in a presentation box that resembles a tool box. Equipe watches retail for $299 to $599, with the top-of-the-line Ball Joint selling for $999 due to its extremely high-tech 360-degree moveable lugs.

Equipe Watch Collections

Dash: The Equipe Dash Collection recalls the beauty of classic automobile dashboards that offered vital engine information. Dash watches offer timekeeping information in a sporty, original look that is exceptionally easy-to-read. These bold machines feature cushion-shaped cases indicative of the 1960’s.

Dash XXL: Unmistakable identity and powerful force combine in the Equipe Dash XXL that embodies the oversized dashboard of superior vintage autos such as the Chrysler Imperial and Lincoln Continental. At 60mm, this watch covers the wrist, and offers chronograph functions and multiple time zone indications via two quartz movements.

Big Block: With its engine-compartment-shaped case that emulates the under-the-hood experience, the Equipe Big Block is a mirror image of the classic high-performance big block 400 cubic-inch motor. Recalling a king-of-the-road attitude, the precision quartz chronograph’s subdials represent the car’s power belts, the crown and pushers emulate pistons, and the date-indicator is in gasket format.

Hemi: Paying tribute to the high-performance engine first designed by Chrysler more than half a century ago, the Equipe Hemi watch features a timing-chain design around the subdials of the chronograph, while the crown and pushers resemble the contours of a hemi piston. Like its namesake indicates, this is a pure-performance timepiece, complete with tachymeter bezel to measure speed.

BallJoint: Like ball-joint suspension, Equipe’s BallJoint chronograph is the epitome of superior design. A feat in watchmaking, the timepiece features four fully flexible lugs with independent suspension. This 360-degree lug movement that adjusts to the movement of the wrists offers the greatest level of comfort in a wristwatch today – comfort only matched when sitting inside the car of your dreams.

Bumper: Equipe’s Bumper chronograph features screw accents, machined dials and a top- and bottom-flanged rectangular case shape that recalls Detroit’s finest muscle cars.

Headlight: The round case shape of the Equipe Headlight is harmoniously enhanced by round chronograph subdials that recall headlights of the 1960’s autos. Piston-shaped pushers and a tachymeter bezel highlight this machine’s power and precision.

Spring: One of the most important elements of any car, the springs are workhorses designed to take a beating. Equipe’s bold square Spring chronograph features spring-inspired elements in the case-side, pushers and crown – design pints indicative of horsepower and ingenuity.

Grill: The unusual shield-shaped case of Equipe’s Grill chronograph recalls the automobile emblems found on Detroit’s finest power cars. The subdials feature bold red arrow hands that emulate power and speed.

Rollbar: With a cushion-shaped case with welded roll-bars at the top and bottom belying the torque and power of street rods, the Equipe Rollbar chronograph is a racer’s dream for the wrist. The crown features a lock-protection system that brings the race-car roll-bar design full circle.

Chassis: The Equipe Chassis features a bold framework much like the steel frame of cars of yesteryear. The chronographs are equipped with carbon-fiber dial designs, luminous hands and red accents.

Paddle: Featuring a ratcheted bezel design, the round Equipe Paddle watch is an edgy chronograph equipped with lever-shaped bars above and beneath the crown that emulate paddle shifters – making this watch race-proven technology for the wrist.

Octane: Like a high octane drag car, the Equipe Octane features an elongated strap with tapered front end, and high-polished disk dial resembling the front wheel. Fueling any car lover’s desire to go fast, the round Equipe Octane offers time in two zones.

Gasket: The bold square-shaped Equipe Gasket chronograph recalls the head gaskets of the finest go-fast cars, such as the 5.0 mustangs. The carbon-fiber dial appeal and red accents offer a fine machined look.

Hub: Resolutely round with a curved mineral crystal, the Equipe Hub features center lugs for a slick look. This high-performance chronograph will have you cruising the boulevard in style.

Official website: www.equipewatches.com

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