PATTON presents P42 HYPERBARE, a professional grade diving watch rated for a water resistance up to 1000 meters. The watch comes in a black PVD-coated brushed 316L stainless steel case and houses a Swiss made quartz movement.

The PATTON P42 HYPERBARE’s movement and all its internal elements are permanently immersed in a liquid developed from specific high density oil. This very technical and particularly complex process enables this watch to withstand abyssal depths. A small air bubble is permanently present in the case as compensation.

A PATTON P42 HYPERBARE was tested in real-life diving conditions using one of the world’s largest hydrostatic pressure tanks. The P42H was immersed by the BREST-IROISE team of IFREMER engineers in a giant hyperbaric tank filled with water and locked with hydraulic cylinders in order to stand up to the incredible pressure simulating very great depths.

The tank was computer operated from an adjoining room. The brand decided with the IFREMER engineers to increase the pressure by 10 bars per minute, i.e. 100 metres/m and to level out at 1000 metres for 10 minutes before decreasing the pressure at the same speed.

The verdict was revealed when the tank was opened: the PATTON P42H was brought up in perfect working condition, set as before its pressurisation down to the second. What is most incredible in this trial is the phenomenal force at these depths; at 1000 metres the pressure is 100 kg/cm2, representing over a tonne in weight pressing on the sapphire glass of P42.

Technical details

Waterproof to 1000 metres – 3300 feet
Black PVD-coated brushed 316L stainless steel case
Screw-down crown
Reinforced crown protection
Thick sapphire glass
7-coat JUMBO LUMINO dial numbers
Rubber, carbon or white waterproof spinnaker cloth strap
Swiss-made Quartz movement
Lithium battery

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