Sarcar Le Carrousel Snow Tiger (Neige Tigre)

With the skills and expertise acquired over the years, Sarcar’s craftsmen are well-braced to face the new challenges of fulfilling the demands of a new generation of watch aficionados who already have the best of luxuries and will not settle for anything less than the very best.

Whilst on holiday, skiing on the mountain in winter, a Sarcar’s designer came across a prowling tiger covered by pure-white snow during a blizzard. Such stunning beauty of nature so mesmerized him that he was back at work the next day with his team of craftsmen to put this visual beauty into reality.

After months on the project the first masterpiece extraordinaire – “Le Carrousel Snow Tiger” was finally unveiled in Basel 2010.

Artistically hand-crafted on a specially-selected mother-of-pearl dial is a roaring tiger that will astound anyone with its extraordinary visual impact. With 3 rotating diamond solitaires (more than half a carat per solitaire) exuding multi-streams of scintillating brilliant colors at a slight turn of the wrist, this piece of luxury surprises and fascinates.

Self-winded by a Piguet Automatic Swiss movement and encased in 18K white gold with sapphire crystal glass, its bezel and horns are further set with diamonds and its crown studded by yet another diamond solitaire.

Complemented by a double-sided crocodile leather strap with diamond-set gold foldable clasp, it is one luxury timepiece that both watch aficionados and jewel enthusiasts would like to possess.

Credit must also be given to the craftsmen for putting their technical expertise to good use in ensuring that this piece of luxury is superbly crafted to provide a slim visual impact.

Two hundred and seven diamonds totaling 7.60 carats were used to perfect this piece of luxury extraordinaire and as in all other Sarcar’s luxury timepieces, only quality graded brilliant-cut diamonds of TOP WESSELTON VVSI and above are used.

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