GREINER TAKTLOS (TACTLESS)is a collection of the wrist-watches with erotic figure play. These watches are made completely from 18ct gold. The watch cases are by hand manufactured and also available in gold, platinum or high-grade steel.

GREINER Tactless Trigger-automatism, stainless steel
Romantic and harmless seems the evening scenery on the dial of this watch. Only the golden hands which circle in front of an old beetle car give a hint that there might be something more to discover. To do this we have to turn the watch to the back.

In the quietness of the night we can move the couple now to do some hot erotic exercise; therefore we only need to press a button on the watches’ side. A very amazing piece made of gold, silver and stainless steel, which we already exported into several countries, each time with different scenes.

GREINER Tactless Multiple Trigger-automatism, sterling silver
Tactless Multiple is a noble silver watch with an outstanding modern design. Hands made of red gold, numbers of yellow gold, housed in a handmade and hand engraved silver case create an outstanding watch unequaled by any factory made watch. The hidden secret does only reveal to the one who is allowed to turn the watch to its back.

Tiny golden micro sculptured figures delight themselves and the spectator with a most delicate and confusing love game. This unique watch runs with an automatic Swiss movement (ETA 2398)

GREINER Cabaret jumping hour, 18ct yellow gold
A theatre stage created finely out of yellow, red and white gold gives the place for decently erotic games which are only visible to the attentive spectator. At a first look the fact that the watch only possesses one hand which indicates the minutes will be striking. The hours have to be decoded from the pictures which are visible in the window on the stage. These pictures are unbelievable finely sculptured erotic figures which each stand for a number between one and twelve.
A close look to the back of the watch is also quite worthwhile. The hand engraved automatic movement is driven by a sculptured winding-rotor which shows a swinging loving couple. Really an absolutely unique piece!

GREINER Biker Five-minute repeater, stainless steel
Delicately sculptured red gold figures take a very suggestive position on a motorbike backed by a finely engraved white gold dial. Acting the repeater mechanism a very daring love game starts to the biggest pleasure of the spectator. But the nice game isn’t finished yet.

Turning the watch to the back you will meet a wild erotic hunting of custom motorbikes giving life to the theme: “Born to be wild!” Just the work of unbelievable skilled hands…!

GREINER Football Hand-skeleton watch, stainless steel
It is said that men are only interested in three things: technology, football and women. Now the brand unites all this in one extraordinary skeleton watch. The most delicate skeleton gives directly way to look at the mechanical work of the movement. Some diamonds give additional brilliant flashes. Above this plays a dramatic scene of an exciting football game.

The trick in it is that the movement of all golden sculptured players can be controlled by winding the watches’ crown. Keeper defender and forward move in a lifelike scene. On the back of the watch you will not only be delighted by the beautiful engraving but also by the love game of a golden couple which “works” busily by winding the watch.

GREINER Tactless Movie Hand-skeleton watch, stainless steel
In quite a lot of artful variations this most demanded of GREINER’s skeleton watches, has already found its place in the hands of enthusiastic customers of various countries. The handwound movement Unitas 6498 is skeletonized and the artist even sculptured by hand directly into the movement erotic figures. Together with golden sculptured figures which are set on top they generate exciting erotic sceneries which can be brung into life by agitating the watches’ crown.

The love play continues on the back side of the watch and is as well movable by winding the watches’ crown. The watch shown has got a handmade case of high grade stainless steel. But like all of their handmade watches it is also available in gold, silver or platinum.

GREINER Devil and Witch Hand-skeleton, sterling silver
There is an old German tale which tells about witches and devils who meet once in a year at a certain date on a mountain right in the centre of Germany to celebrate a wild erotic feast. A dangerous place to be at that day for normal human beings! Without any danger but therefore full of wonderful sparkling detail is the look on this most astonishing skeleton watch.

Numbers of incredibly fine sculptured golden figures, sparkling diamonds and masterly engravings strike the observers’ eye. Not enough, the whole spectacular play can be moved by the watches’ crown. Nearly unbelievable that this splendid miracle was made by human hands! Housed in a silver case it rests an absolutely unique piece.

GREINER Rapunzel Hand-skeleton watch, platinum
A beautiful girl named Rapunzel was held caught in a high tower by a bad witch. From the ground a handsome prince fell in love with her. But how to reach to his love? She let her hair down and he could easily climb up at her plait. What they did in this hidden room high up in the tower the fairytale does not tell. But this watch reveals the secret if you turn it to the back.
Sceneries sculptured of 18ct gold can be nicely moved by the watches’ crown, a delight! The handmade platinum case gives an adequate housing for this masterpiece of art.

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