Christophe Schaffo

Christophe Schaffo started his watchmaking career at an early age. Son of renowned watchmaker Kurt Schaffo, who handcrafted “skeleton” watches for brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Christophe worked for years alongside his father, acquiring and mastering all the skills and secrets of this specialty.

He started his own atelier near Le Locle and soon exhibited at the S.I.H.H. Salon in Geneva in 1998. Today, Christophe Schaffo is probably the only independent Swiss Master Watchmaker to design and produce entirely by hand chiseled “skeleton” masterpieces.

Christophe Schaffo Tourbillon watch
In May 2010, Christophe Schaffo partnered with Expression d’Artistes International S.A. to organize very high end private exhibits for collectors and connoisseurs around the world.

These horological masterpieces are entirely crafted by hand by Christophe Schaffo in his own workshop. Each piece of the movement is hand-­chiseled, each diamond is hand-set, all the engraving is done by hand. Less than 20 of these masterpieces are produced each year.


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