Volna, Swiss luxury watch brand founded in 2006 follows an offbeat and original concept combining the heritage of the Soviet watch industry with Swiss know-how. The Volna watch collection is inspired from the designs of Russian submarines and weapon systems.

Space launch vehicle Volna (“wave” in Russian), is a converted SLBM used for launching artificial satellites into orbit. It is based on the R-29R designed by State Rocket Center Makayev and related to the Shtil’ Launch Vehicle . The Volna is a 3 stage launch vehicle that uses liquid propellant. The warhead section is used for the payloads that can be either put into orbit with the help of an additional boost engine or travel along a sub-orbital trajectory to be recovered at the landing site. Volna can be launched from Delta III class submarine or from land based facilities.

Volna – a world inspired by the depths of the sea and the traditions of history. For generations, mankind has explored and confronted the depths the world’s seas and oceans, the planet’s final frontier of adventure. Over the centuries, ever more sophisticated devices for conquering the depths have appeared, leading to today’s advanced submarine fleets, not least those of the Soviet, now Russian, Navy. This formidable but discreet fleet has now inspired Volna’s founding values of power, daring and originality and forged its uniquely rugged character.

Among the most sophisticated weapons systems ever designed, nuclear submarines have provided Volna’s Swiss watchmakers with a variety of inspirations. The advanced metallurgy and complex security systems of these submarines, together with their overall technical wizardry, have inspired the design of timepieces which combine emotional significance, aesthetic innovation and technical distinction. These qualities form the unusual yet exceptionally solid foundation on which Volna watches today have built their identity,character and reputation.

By the 1960, the Soviet watch industry had developed into the world’s second-largest producer of mechanical wristwatches, not least by as a result of its cooperation with Swiss manufacturers. The result was a watch style like no other, fondly remembered today. The Soviet watch industry naturally had its share of secret defense projects, including a diving watch code developed for the Navy’s deep-sea divers. This rare timepiece featured a round one-piece case 60 mm in diameter. It was fitted with a screw bezel and a crown protector cap which made it water resistant to the then-exceptional depth of 200 meters. This unique military design inspired the designers of Volna watches.

As of a modern submarine, complete water-resistance is expected of a Volna timepiece. Every Volna model is consequently certified water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters (approx. 985 feet) thanks to its uncompromisingly designed and unusually sophisticated three-part case comprising a caseband, a bezel and a back. It also incorporates a number of exclusive, patented auxiliary devices, including its double-crown and security indicator. Equivalent to horological complications, devices of this kind are planned for every current and future collection and individual watch.

Volna watches are made only of first-class materials including G5 titanium, antimagnetic and highly resistant to corrosion, 316L stainless steel,phosphorus-free and non-allergenic, and natural rubber with its exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. From the smallest torque screws developed specifically for Volna watches to the clasps of the strap, each and every component is produced in Switzerland, resulting in a level of quality far superior to Swiss Made requirements. What is more, Volna watches are all fitted with high-precision, tried and tested Swiss movements, ensuring fast and efficient service the world over.

In 2010 VOLNA appointed Sébastien Bottinelli, as Chairman of the Board of Directors and entrusted Yvan Arpa (who has worked for Romain Jerome, Hublot, Baume & Mercier) with the launch of the VOLNATOMIC, a high-impact collection based on an innovative, powerful and original concept.

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