H. Moser & Cie Moser Mayu Marrone: The Italian variant of the MAYU line

The MAYU family now has an elegant addition. The MAYU MARRONE embodies Mediterranean stylishness, joie de vivre and understatement at the same time. It is represented by two charming watches of Italian origin with markedly aesthetic dials; both variants of an exciting watch with an impressive appearance. On the one hand, with the gleaming maroon dial with its specially ground finish harmonizing perfectly with the warm, golden tone of the rose gold case.

On the other hand, in the white gold version, which contrasts a shining white case with a distinctly dark brown tone, which radiates bright beams depending on how the light strikes it. The appliquéd indices for the hours are in the same colour as the case and are diamond polished. Hands executed in the same colour also have the three-dimensional form that is so typical of Moser with a bright-polished eye of the hand.
An external feature of these exceptional watches is the pocket watch-style seconds hand in a sub-dial that is encountered extremely rarely in wristwatches. It takes its name from its association with traditional pocket watches. Their seconds graduations extended as far as the minute chapter ring. This means that the movement size must be adapted to the case dimensions. No movement retaining ring between the movement and the case is allowed to detract from this composition. This is exclusivity in its purest form.

The Moser Cal. HMC321.503 movement is a hand-wound movement with an extra-long power reserve with a diameter of 32 mm and a Moser tooth system optimized for high efficiency in the entire wheel train. A large spring barrel guarantees a power reserve of 80 hours, ensuring that the watch indicates the time reliably for more than three days even without winding. A power reserve display on the rear of the movement is visible through the sapphire glass window in the case back. Even so, the watch is a mere 9.3 mm thin. An external diameter of 38.8 mm means that the unisex size of this watch appeals to present-day preferences. Distinctive Moser case flanks, known as freely formed lateral surfaces, identify the three-part case for connoisseurs. Complemented by a crown with a stylized ‘‘M’’. Satin-finished and polished case surfaces, tastefully coordinated with each other, assure understated elegance.

The use of true bevel wheels in the winding mechanism ensures gentle and low-wear operation —- a worldwide rarity in wristwatches. The arrangement of the fourth wheel and the third wheel under a common wheel-train bridge is typical of Moser. This feature is already present in Moser pocket watches dating from the 19th century. Like the engraved medallion,itself a mark of recognition of every authentic Moser watch that remains valid to the present day. Cut-off and polished edges, a sun pattern ground finish on the plate and bridges, as well as the Moser ground stripes, emphasize the intrinsic value of this movement that is visible through the sapphire glass back. Of course, this watch also incorporates the typical interchangeability of the Moser escapement with its gold pallet fork, gold escape wheel and Straumann hairspring.

Model Variations:
Ref. 321.503-015: Three-part designer case in rose gold, crocodile leather strap with a rose gold folding clasp. Suggested Retail Price: CHF 12,500 / € 8,200

Ref. 321.503-016: Three-part designer case in white gold, crocodile leather strap with a white gold folding clasp. Suggested Retail Price: CHF 12,500 / € 8,200

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