N.O.A is a Swiss watch brand founded by Nicola Andreatta.

It all began in 2003, when the first N.O.A collection was designed. The rooted tradition of fine horological workmanship of the Ruefli family, together with the experience and professionalism of the team assembled by Nicola Andreatta brought to life the world of N.O.A.

Based in Switzerland, the company with a watch-making tradition goes back to the late 19th century, capitalized on the experience as manufacturers of watch components to launch new watch brand: N.O.A, which stands for… None Of the Above.

N.O.A is a combination of Italian style and Swiss watch-making expertise. The pursuit for making beautiful objects that can accurately serve their function will constantly be the powerful creative impulse behind every new N.O.A creation.

Under the management of Nicola, together with his father, Alberto, and thanks to the expertise of the team working behind the scenes, N.O.A. is rapidly achieving worldwide recognition and an impressive development to becoming a leading name in luxury timepieces. Currently selling in more than 40 countries N.O.A is constantly enlarging its distribution network.


It was late in the 19th Century, when Federico Ruefli, a brilliant businessman from Grenchen, Switzerland, established Ruefli Federico Spa in Como, Italy, and “Fabrique de Boites des Montres SA” in Chiasso, Switzerland. The two factories, situated very close to the border between Italy and Switzerland, were to collaborate in the production of brass and stainless steel watch components for the Swiss and the Italian market.

In 1922, the four daughters of Federico joined him in Como, Italy, when he moved the factory in via Stelvio, right on top of a coach depot. At the beginning of the 30’s, he decided to relocate again, in Monte Olimpino, given the need for more space and workers to follow the increased workload. Meanwhile, his younger brother Ernest was recruited to manage the Swiss factory, which acquired its final name – “FCO” or “Fabbrica Casse per Orologi”.

With the object of combining the skilful Swiss workmanship with the creative Italian labour force, the two factories rapidly expanded to reach a total workforce of more than 300 people. In 1940, Federico passed away, and the factories were managed jointly by his sons-in-law: Hans Mathis and Ferdinand Rieter. The work continued slowly during the Second World War. In 1945 Ferdinand died and Hans continued alone.

In 1966, Clara Rieter Andreatta, grand-daughter of Federico, joined the company followed by her cousin Bruno Mathis, and in 1970, by her husband and Nicola’s father – Alberto Andreatta. At the same time, Giorgio Mathis, elder brother of Bruno, was appointed as director of FCO.

Under the skilled direction of Giorgio, Bruno and Alberto, the factories specialized not only in producing high quality components for the watch industry, but, thanks to the creative impulse given by Alberto, started to design and customize watches for their clients. The growing competition with the less expensive Asian products forced the family to shut industrial production during the 90’s for a radical downsizing.

The family then opened Timeo SA, a smaller “Atelier”, where they continued designing and manufacturing OEM products for the top brands in Switzerland. In 2002 Nicola Andreatta joined Timeo SA, which became N.W.C. SA, New Watch Corporation Luxembourg, the home of N.O.A. Watches.

Nicola Andreatta

Born in Como, Italy, in 1973 and raised in a multicultural environment by his Italian father and Swiss mother, surrounded by watches since his birth, Nicola became passionately interested in the world of horology at a very early age.

Even during his studies, he spent considerable time in the family factories following the old process of manufacturing watch components as well as the development and production processes. Graduating in Business Administration in 1996, he then left for Asia where he worked for different watch companies in the design and manufacturing fields.

Back to Switzerland in 2001, he worked in Geneva and Milan as a consultant for various prestigious watch brands. In 2003, Nicola launched his first collection of unique timepieces, under the brand “N.O.A.” None Of the Above…

Each N.O.A. watch is still the expression of his personal taste, his knowledge of watch making and the desire for always making something new while N.O.A. remains a completely independent business.

Official website: http://www.noawatch.com

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