VIPTIME ITALY is a watch brand founded by EURO TRADE S.r.L., the Italian company which specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of Italian high-end wrist watches with original and innovative design features. The company was founded 25 years ago in Treviso, Italy, by Mr. Franco Zuccon, the actual President, and Ms. Maria Luisa Joppi, both enthusiastic connoisseurs of time-pieces. Today the company’s European headquarters are located in Roncade (Treviso), Italy.

The company has always sought to offer to the market sector’s leading national and international companies a product that embraces both design and technology. Over the past twenty years the company has grown steadily, and has now created its own brand. Thus, in 2005, ‘VIPTIME ITALY’ was born, featuring a winning mix of the best high quality watch movements and Italian design.

Year after year, thanks to the fundamental effort put in by a new experienced team, EURO TRADE has achieved significant results which have led to high quality standards and original, trendy designs that meet the tastes of a most heterogeneous clientele, which is not only made up of time-piece buffs and collectors, but also by sporty-type customers with an eye for technology and quality. Through VIPTIME ITALY the company has obtained promising results, while launching a new way of thinking about luxury watches as affordable accessories.

The brand’s philosophy speaks volumes on quality and exclusivity. VIPTIME ITALY attracts both demanding male and female clients that are attentive to novel ideas, who are seeking a refined, fashionable watch, which at the same time is not too engaging or pricy, but which also conveys a high-end market status.

Through careful product placement, VIPTIME ITALY is now worn by trend setters, sports and show business personalities and international jet setters. At the heart of the company’s mission lies the fidelization of its clients – an exclusive target to whom innovative, successful and modern collections can be proposed in timely fashion.

As a result of its steady growth, today the company is composed of an articulated structure that includes an administrative location, order processing offices, a logistics arm for both domestic and European orders and sales offices in Italy and abroad. The distribution strategy is also very selective, as it favours quality over quantity.

That is why VIPTIME ITALY can only be found in the most exclusive jewellery shops: 80 in Italy and 300 worldwide. Here the company is looking to consolidate its results and expand its commercial operations with a selective distribution strategy with the very best partners of the luxury. The brand’s international success is testimony to the company’s presence at the key trade fairs (i.e. Las Vegas, Basel, and Hong Kong).

The expertise and the results achieved by Euro Trade in high-quality watch making has enabled the company to create, produce and distribute a luxury watch collection under the U.S. POLO ASSN. brand name, following a new agreement between the two companies signed in January 2009.

The strong attention to style and quality of the products, together with an innovative marketing strategy developed with the partners of the fashion industry; reassert the ambitions of growth of the Eurotrade group in the luxury markets worldwide.

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