Cabestan Nostromo – New Interpretation of the Winch Tourbillon Vertical Watch

Anchored in the segment of ultra-exclusive, revolutionary watchmaking, Geneva-based Cabestan presents Cabestan Nostromo, a new and bold design born of the boundless imagination of its creator, Jean-François Ruchonnet.

Created in collaboration with master watchmaker Eric Coudray, Cabestan Nostromo brings together, with absolute perfection, the best in technical and creative watchmaking.

The savoir-faire of the exclusive Swiss manufacture is evident in the new interpretation of the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical, this time simplified, but always with a characteristically harmonious and masculine architecture. Cabestan’s DNA is perfectly respected.

Nostromo gets its inspiration from the world of science fiction, that of the spaceship in the unforgettable film, Alien, fruit of the collective imaginations of Sir Ridley Scott and H.R. Giger. Transposed in the world of ultra-exclusive watchmaking, Cabestan Nostromo is destined to become one of the cult timepieces most admired by collectors.

Cabestan Nostromo watch

Reflecting the spirit of this incredible world, Cabestan Nostromo is housed in a sleek black case with a single crystal giving it a personality that is decidedly powerful and masculine, rich in emotion and surprises. The watchcase showcases the vertical wheels and drums along with the ingenious articulated drive shaft that transmits energy to the movement using bevel gears. The windows placed on each side of the case create transversal views of the mechanism’s amazing architecture possible as a result of the open design of the bridges.

The bridges serve not only to anchor the wheels, but also, at their extremities, they astutely wrap around the five drums: hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve and barrel. The openings that are created, coupled with a jumping hour, result in displays that are simple, clear and elegant. In addition, there is a coloured, graduated scale that indicates the remaining energy remaining on the power reserve drum out of a maximum 50 hours.

Finally, like its predecessor, this new model is equipped with four capstans, but this time one of them can be discretely unscrewed to reveal the watch’s crown.

Cabestan Nostromo

The emotions continue on the reverse side of the timepiece. Jean-François Ruchonnet and Eric Coudray chose a sapphire back plate for Cabestan Nostromo to render visible the other clever ideas they incorporated.

The balance, inclined at 30°, is coupled with a swan neck regulator to allow minute adjustments in order to ensure extremely precise timekeeping. The force in the timepiece is thus transposed from horizontal to vertical in a completely original way by using an interesting and inventive combination of classical and retro-futuristic mechanisms.

Other spectacular innovation, as the sun sets, Cabestan Nostromo begins its nocturnal transformation. The areas inside the bridges, the windows and other surfaces of the movement are discretely covered with a thin phosphorescent coating invisible in daylight. In the dark, however, the mechanism is magically illuminated.

A subtle yellow-green light fills the space and flows around the strap creating an astonishing visual unity and a supernatural view of this prodigious timepiece. Like a spaceship illuminated against the intergalactic obscurity, Cabestan Nostromo proudly displays its innovative genius both day and night.

Technical details

Model: Cabestan Nostromo

Hours, minutes, seconds read from three engraved rotary drums
Power reserve indicator on an engraved rotary drum (50 hours)

Fully mechanical movement Calibre CAB EC 102 with Swiss anchor escapement
Frequency: 21 600 alt/h or 3 HZ
37 rubies
Breguet-style overcoil; Geneva stud
Balance with 240° amplitude equipped with a swan neck regulator
Rewinding and time setting using an extracting crown
Vertical gear system with golden brass wheels, hollow bridges, drive shaft with conical gears, specially machined barrel
Superluminova coating inside bridges, windows, around Cabestan name plate
Fully hand finished : beveling, polishing, drawing, graining and hooping

Black PVD titanium case
One functional capstan with extracting crown & three ornamental capstans
Two side windows with sapphire crystals
Case back in sapphire
One thermo-formed, metalized Pyrex crystal hand-fitted to each case

Strap & Buckle
Folding buckle with dual capstans
High quality two-layer rubber strap with black Superluminova coating

Retail prices
Starting at CHF 150’000 excl. TVA

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