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Boucheron Ladyhawke Tourbillon

The creative partnership between Boucheron and Girard-Perregaux, initiated in 2007, culminates today in a truly unique piece beating with the famous Tourbillon with three gold Bridges. This movement is a modern, ethereal reinterpretation of the calibre Constant Girard-Perregaux presented at the 1889 Paris Universal Exhibition, earning him a gold medal – the very same year Frédéric Boucheron was similarly rewarded in the Jewellery category.

With Ladyhawke Tourbillon, a falcon clutching a watch powered by the Tourbillon with three gold Bridges movement, Boucheron is further strengthening its image as a jeweller specialised in watches, with animals as the focus point of its creations. With this unique piece, the House’s master craftsmen are offering lovers of rare, soulful objects a falcon fashioned from gold adorned with a plumage of precious stones. This majestic prince of the heavens, ever a loyal companion to the powerful, evokes memories of the Italian medieval legend recounted in the 1985 film Ladyhawke.

The Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges movement, a prowess of technique and excellence, is something of an icon in the world of High Watchmaking. The mechanism, with its exceptional finishes, has benefited from the careful attention of master watchmakers. The Tourbillon itself consists of 72 components for a diameter of one centimetre and a total weight of 0.3 gram, and is entirely hand-decorated and assembled. Crafted from solid gold in the High Jewellery workshop at 26, Place Vendôme, it has been fashioned to closely hug the contours of the oval case.

This piece of uncommon presence is set with a gradient of diamonds totalling more than 25 carats, and truly stands out as a milestone in Boucheron’s art of transmuting raw matter into a jewel expressing powerful and positive values of precision, force, courage and speed. Artfully articulated so that the delicate feathers barely brush the wrist of its wearer, Ladyhawke Tourbillon will reveal the magic within whoever chooses to make this graceful bird their emblem.

Technical details

Model (JBT00202): Ladyhawke Tourbillon High Jewelry in white gold set with 833 multicolored diamonds and rubies, Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges

Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges, manual winding
Base plate of the movement set with 178 pink, yellow and white diamonds, bridges angled by hand and skeleton barrel
Power reserve: approx 72 hours

Articulated bracelet wit invisible clasp mechanism

25.3 carats of yellow, pink and white diamonds and rubies

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