Boucheron Crazy Parade Ronde “Seconde Folle” Peacock Watch

Boucheron is adding to the miscellany of its strange and seductive “Cabinet of Curiosities” with a proudly parading peacock. The majestic yet dainty bird seems to have leapt out of a medieval illumination and landed on the face of this most attractive timepiece, which features the finest virtuoso techniques drawn from the arts of enamel, engraving and stone setting.

In order to create a majestic, almost larger-than-life peacock that seems to overrun the limited space it has been assigned, the experienced and complementary craftsmen have each provided the best of their skills. The first of them gave volume to the metal; the second one tamed fire and its palette of mineral colours; and the third set carefully-selected stones in the ocellus of each feather in its majestic plumage, without ever altering any of the previous work.

The highly intricate watch, with its fine and delicate work, features translucent, opalescent and opaque enamels crafted with the “champlevé” technique, which greatly contribute to creating the kind of rare and indescribable magic experienced when discovering the piece. But what makes this a truly superlative work is that the rotary motion given by the “Seconde Folle” complication – associated with the GP 4000 calibre – creates the illusion that the Peacock is actually breathing.

Like a phoenix clad in its richest array, the bird almost seems to have a glowing soul, to the point that it escapes from the space in which it was confined, its feathers spilling over the bezel, itself intricately enamelled and set with precious gems. The animal, thus adorned with colours enhanced by the transparency and deep colours of its materials, arouses aesthetic emotions of a kind seldom experienced.

Technical details

Model: Ronde “Seconde Folle” Peacock Watch, White Gold, Sapphire-set Enamel Dial

Self-winding mechanical calibre from the Girard-Perregaux manufacture, with added “Seconde Folle” module specially developed by Boucheron

18 carat grey gold (97 grams), 42 mm diameter
Caseband with “pointe de diamants” pattern
Ribbed crown engraved with “26 place Vendôme”
Elliptical open back
Boucheron markings on the back
Crystal: sapphire front and back (elliptical)
Water resistance: 50 meters

18 carat grey gold with clear purple enamel
Opalescent enamel and opaque turquoise enamel
Blue sapphires

White brushed satin with gold buckle

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