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Boucheron Ava Deco

Boucheron, the first jeweller to have chosen Place Vendôme for its premises, owes much of its success to women who have been ardent admirers of its inspired creations. Boucheron started creating its first wristwatches for women in the late 19th century. The lady’s watch – a symbol of emancipation – soon became a must-have fashion accessory. Jeweller’s watches are now a genre in their own right, and the Paris House takes pride in having been one of its pioneers.

As a tribute to radiant and eternal femininity for 2010, Boucheron has created two jewellery watches of outstanding elegance: Ava Déco and Ma Jolie. Both styles are deliberately petite and ultra-feminine, drawing their inspiration from mythical glamour, in an ode to precious sensuality.

Inspired by Ava Gardner’s dignified and mythical beauty, the Ava Déco line’s decorative and ornamental pattern serves to enhance the world’s most desirable precious stone: diamond.

The fabulous jewellery watch, with its delightful interlacing diamond motifs over grey gold, catches the light from every direction, like a Hollywood icon. Like diamond lacework, the aerial motifs delicately intertwine with unparalleled virtuosity: each stone, carefully selected for its radiance, purity and cut quality, is enhanced by a delicate and refined setting technique that lets it shine unhindered and sparkle with a thousand lights.

This timeless and sensual jeweller’s creation features a sleek mother-of-pearl dial enriched with four diamond indexes, under which a quartz movement runs. For a truly glamorous touch, the time is set with a tiny key, which actions a push-button into the case back. Ultimate jewellery detail: the clasp securing the bracelet slips almost unnoticeably under a set motif.

Technical details

Model: Ava Deco in white gold and diamonds

Quartz movement with push-button on the back case for time setting

18 carats white gold of 18mm diameter set with diamonds
Crystal: sapphire crystal
Water-resistance: up to 30 meters (3 ATM)

White mother-of-pearl and diamonds indexes
Total carats: approx. 2 ct.

White gold with Ava Deco set motives, jewelry clasp hidden under a set motif

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