Speake Marin Maki-e “The Turtle & Cane ” Unique Piece

The Maki-e dial of this unique timepiece has been crafted by Mr Yamazaki Mushü, who is a Japanese master of the art. Maki-e is an ancient Japanese art form. Lacquer is mixed with gold and allowed to dry, after which it is then carved and engraved to the desired result.

As each of the many layers have to dry before the next can be applied, it is an extremely time consuming process. There exists many different levels of Maki-e; the method used to craft this dial is one of the highest and most intricate.
Speake Marin Maki-e "The Turtle & Cane " Unique Piece
Technical details

  • Case size: thickness-13.5 mm, diameter-38mm
  • Case material: 18k yellow gold
  • Crown material: 18 k yellow gold
  • Dial description: Makie “Turtle & Cane ” design
  • Hands : The foundation style, 18k rose gold treated
  • Sapphire glass back and front
  • Movement: automatic mechanical
  • Functions: hour,minute and seconds

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