MeisterSinger PANGAEA Hand-wound

PANGAEA is an elegant thin watch from German watch manufacture MeisterSinger. The name PANGAEA derives from the primeval super continent. All continents had still been united in the age of carbon.

With it’s 40 mm casing diameter the PANGAEA stands exactly between its older siblings. They both have the unique design of the dial in common. But regarding the casing, they are completely different. The PANGAEA emanates elegance and delicateness. On your wrist it seems to be even thinner the 9.4 mm casing diameter suggests.

MeisterSinger PANGAEA Hand-wound

The sides of the watch, holding the high quality calf skin strap, connect fluently with the casing. This is particularly evident at the bottom of the watch, reflecting similarities with a harmonic sculpture. The six times screwed glass bottom allows an in-depth look at the movement. All in all of balance matter.

Besides the MeisterSinger corporate colour ivory and a pure white dial, MeisterSinger presents dark dials in chocolat, black and blue with sun shape cut.

Technical details

Model: MeisterSinger PANGAEA Hand-wound

Single hand watch
Casing: Stainless steel, six times screwed mineral glass bottom, 5 bar, sapphire glass
Diameter: 40 mm; Height 9.4 mm
Movement: Peseux 7001, hand wound
Variations: White, ivory, sun shape cut chocolat, sun shape cut black, sun shape cut blue
International Retail Price: 1290 Euro incl. of VAT