Jaermann & Stübi St Andrews Links Course Timer & GMT Limited Edition

Jaermann & Stübi has become the official supplier and timekeeper of St Andrews Links, The Home of Golf, and is launching a limited-edition special model for The Old Course, which is hosting The Open Championship this year for the 28th time.

Jaermann & Stübi, which specialises in premium golf watches, is intensifying its existing collaboration with St Andrews Links, The Home of Golf, and will be equipping this historic venue with clocks designed to match the watches. At the same time, together with St Andrews Links, Jaermann & Stübi are launching a special model limited to 18 pieces. Each watch will be dedicated to an individual hole of the world-renowned Old Course, where golf will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of The Open Championship in 2010.

JAERMANN & STÜBI and St Andrews Links have concluded an agreement to expand their long term collaboration: the golf watch manufacturer is now the official supplier and official timekeeper for St Andrews Links. Jaermann & Stübi will provide all official clocks and will equip The Home of Golf accordingly.

To mark the occasion of the 150th celebration of The Open Championship, which will be played on The Old Course in 2010, Jaermann & Stübi designed an exclusive special model in a limited edition of 18 timepieces.

Each of the 18 golf watches is dedicated to one of the 18 holes of The Old Course and is inscribed with the statistics of the relevant hole on the inside of the hinged cover on the back of the watch. The case is made of elegant platinum. Like all golf watches made by Jaermann & Stübi, this one is also equipped with the “G-Shock- Guard” patented shock absorber with flexible stem, designed especially for golf.

The model has a Course Timer for golf games, which can also be used as a second time zone. For each watch there is a cast-iron plaque to those mounted on The Old Course and provides information such as the name and number of the hole and its distance.

Suggested retail price is CHF 49,500/EUR 36,500.

St Andrews Links – The Home of Golf

Golf has been played at St Andrews since the 15th century. The free use of the Links was documented for the first time in 1552 by Archbishop John Hamilton. The golf courses are public and managed by a charitable trust formed by an Act of Parliament. Since 1873, St Andrews Links has also been a venue for The Open Championship, which has already been held 27 times in this location.

The Open Championship is one of the four major tournaments in the world of golf, and no other golf course in the United Kingdom has hosted more Open Championships than The Old Course at St Andrews Links. The 150th anniversary of The Open Championship will also be held at The Old Course in 2010. Seve Ballesteros, with whom Jaermann & Stübi also collaborate, is the only continental European to have won The Open Championship at St Andrews Links so far.

All models are equipped with a shock absorber (patent pending) with flexible adjustment shaft. This innovation, known as “G- Shock-Guard”, makes it possible for the first time that the movement can move freely within the case, and is thus better protected against strokes and impacts. The movement and the “G- Shock- Guard” are visible through the large glass back.

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