MeisterSinger – CARELIA, PANGAEA, N° 01, N° 03 & Limited Edition Pocket-Watch

Just in time for the most important watch fair, the Baselworld, Germany based watch brand MeisterSinger sharpened its profile and presents itself in a complete new look. But the brand remained true to itself and its basic principles. Calmness and composure which are radiated by MeisterSinger’s single-handwatches are attracting many people especially in these days. In an environment where everything supposedly has to be done faster and more precisely, a MeisterSinger enjoys with a look on the watch a moment of calmness and deceleration.

MeisterSinger’s philosophy attracts more and more friends all over the world; this is why MeisterSinger adjusted its corporate design. Together with the internationally renowned marketing agency BBDO, MeisterSinger created a corporate design emphasising the circle as the most important design element in MeisterSinger watches. The new look is modern but also a reminiscence to traditional forms of time measurement. MeisterSinger: The UR Uhr!

MeisterSinger also presents at the Baselworld 2010 next to its portfolio exclusively in white and ivory the limited edition MeisterSinger pocket-watch. With 2×150 pieces, the MeisterSinger pocket-watch is going to be a desired object for aficionados who always wanted to form time more individually than others.

Furthermore, MeisterSinger connects with its new model PANGEA the requirements of a modern watch with the philosophy of decelerated time measurement. The latest member of the MeisterSinger family convinces with a, for a MeisterSinger unusual, flat design. The PANGAEA can be ordered as of now with the colours white, ivory, sun shape cut black, sun shape cut blue and sun shape cut chocolate.

But also the MeisterSinger classic watch, the N° 01, let’s call it the “Ur Uhr par excellence”, presents itself at the Baselworld in a new attractive colour. The sun shape cut chocolate also heralds a new era of configuration for the N° 01: the sapphire crystal convex and closed bottom.

The MeisterSinger N° 03 shows its dark face at the Baselworld. Dressed in black with red gold design elements, elegance and calm emanation are combined to a perfect composition. The smallest of all MeisterSinger watches, the CARELIA, shows with its new writing how simple elegance can be transformed to the point: time becomes the most wonderful pastime in the world at the wearer’s wrist.

MeisterSinger CARELIA
CARELIA is the smallest MeisterSinger watch in 34 mm casing embellishes graceful wrists. The new CARELIA follows the MeisterSinger single hand watch philosophy. The new character of this watch takes its no-frill elegance simply to the point. With the gracile stainless steel casing and six times screwed bottom of mineral glass, it withstands water pressure up to 3 bar. The hardened glass bottom allows an in-depth look into the classic movement of a MeisterSinger watch.

With its 34 mm casing and a height of 7.5 mm, the CARELIA is accentuated, the sophisticated design elements express assertiveness and grace, reflecting particularly in the fine hand. The dial is available in various nuances enabling the woman wearing it to choose matching colours for any outfit.

Technical details

  • Model: CARELIA
  • Single hand watch
  • Casing: stainless steel, six times screwed mineral glass bottom, 3 bar, hardened mineral glass
  • Diameter: 34 mm
  • Height: 7.5 mm
  • Movement: Peseux 7001, hand wound
  • Variations: Sun shape cut silver, ivory, mother-of-pearl white, sun shape cut blue, sun shape cut copper
  • International Retail Price: 1000 Euro incl. of VAT

MeisterSinger PANGAEA
PANGAEA is an elegant thin watch from MeisterSinger. The name PANGAEA derives from the primeval super continent. All continents had still been united in the age of carbon.

With it’s 40 mm casing diameter the PANGAEA stands exactly between its older siblings. They both have the unique design of the dial in common. But regarding the casing, they are completely different. The PANGAEA emanates elegance and delicateness. On your wrist it seems to be even thinner the 9.4 mm casing diameter suggests. This watch is a classy fit to your wrist.

The sides of the watch, holding the high quality calf skin strap, connect fluently with the casing. This is particularly evident at the bottom of the watch, reflecting similarities with a harmonic sculpture. The six times screwed glass bottom allows an in-depth look at the movement. All in all of balance matter.

Besides the MeisterSinger corporate colour ivory and a pure white dial, MeisterSinger presents dark dials in chocolat, black and blue with sun shape cut. This appears especially elegant both on ladies and gentlemen and thanks to the unagitated design of the PANGAEA, classic and timeless. And so the wearer of the PANGAEA can comfortably forget time for a moment while attending to the really important issues of life.

Technical details

  • Model: PANGAEA
  • Single hand watch
  • Casing: Stainless steel, six times screwed mineral glass bottom, 5 bar, sapphire glass
  • Diameter: 40 mm; Height 9.4 mm
  • Movement: Peseux 7001, hand wound
  • Variations: White, ivory, sun shape cut chocolat, sun shape cut black, sun shape cut blue
  • International Retail Price: 1290 Euro incl. of VAT

MeisterSinger N° 01
MeisterSinger N° 01 is deemed a classic amongst watch connoisseurs. Now this timeless classic is available as a special temptation. The new colour „sun shape cut chocolat“ plays with the light and shows different facets depending on the position of the sun: from a warm deep brown to cacao – due to the special sun-shaped cut!

At the same time there will be a change in the version of the hand wound N° 01: As of now, this watch is available with a screwed bottom and sapphire glass. A casing of even yet higher quality rounds this model upgrading perfect off. And most importantly, the N° 01 stays as affordable as you are accustomed to.

This MeisterSinger watch is a big credit to its ancestors, the sun dial and the first mechanical watches. We really liked this principle of the single hand and the relaxed perception of time that comes along with the sun dial, therefore the brand has created the sun dial for your wrist.

Technical details

  • Model: N° 01 chocolat
  • Single hand watch
  • Casing: Stainless steel, screwed bottom, 5 bar, sapphire glass
  • Diameter: 43 mm
  • Height: 10.9 mm
  • Movement: ETA 2801 hand wound
  • Variations: Sun shape cut chocolat, ivory, white, black
  • International Retail Price: 798 Euro incl. of VAT

MeisterSinger’s N° 03
MeisterSinger’s N° 03 is a special black coating edition.Another classic of the MeisterSinger collection presents itself at the Baselworld in a new appearance. The N° 03 comes out in a deep black colour with red golden numbers and a sophisticated hand. The contrast between the deep black and the red gold of the filigran design elements make this watch a very special symbiosis of calmness and elegance. The warm red gold affiliates with the elegant black to the habitual easy, decelerated time measurement which have all MeisterSinger watches in common.

The sophisticated hand is made of one piece and emphasises the elegance of this special watch. The PVD-design awards this model a sporty note and stress the measuring instrument character of a MeisterSinger.

The case is of stainless steel with a high-quality PVD Coating, the dial is shielded by a sapphire glass. The six time screwed glass bottom shows the inner life of a MeisterSinger watch and allows an in-depth look on the impressive mechanics.

MeisterSinger Limited Edition Pocket-Watch
MeisterSinger has a special relationship with time. This is why we reinterpreted well established things by designing an elegant, original pocket-watch. The outcome is the Ur Uhr pocket-watch. Simply made for relaxed people and those who always wanted to form time a little bit more individually.

Even with launching the Ur Uhr pocket-watch MeisterSinger is bound to its principles. A lone hand, moving in unhurried increments of five minutes, appears to slow the passage of time. This is how time seems to fly slower and more intensive. The new pocket-watch is available in a limited edition of 2×150 pieces, either in white or ivory. Also part of the pocket-watch: a plexiglass display for keeping an eye on the dial and a watch-chain made of stainless steel. It’s the question of one’s individual mood whether the pocket-watch, beautiful as it is, will rest in the pocket often.

Technical details

  • Model: Pocket watch limited edition
  • Single Hand Watch, plexiglass display, stainless steel watch-chain
  • Casing: Stainless steel, screwed back casing, mineral crystal glass
  • Diameter: 48 mm
  • Height: 12 mm
  • Movement: Unitas 6497
  • Variations: Ivory, white
  • International Retail Price: 998 Euro incl. of VAT

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