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A recognized pioneer in mind-body wellness, Philip Stein is the first luxury brand to incorporate frequency-based technology inside wristwatches. The health benefits to the wearer include a perceivable reduction in stress and jet lag, better overall wellbeing, increased powers of concentration and improved sleep.

Launched by Miami-based entrepreneur couple Will and Rina Stein in 2003, Philip Stein has quickly grown into a leader in luxury watches within this category and other lifestyle products. The “Feel Good Watch” has gained a huge following among celebrities and business leaders, including Rupert Murdoch, Madonna, Samuel Jackson and many others. It is the only timepiece to make Oprah Winfrey’s annual “favourite things” list twice.

Through a proprietary process, natural frequencies are permanently embedded in a thin metal plate, which, when placed inside the Philip Stein watch, impart their unique “tuning” resonances to the wearer’s human biofield. One of these key frequencies is the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hertz waves per second, which is the earth’s chief harmonic frequency and the main resonance of balanced nature, including the human energy field of a person who is relaxed and unstressed.

In 2009, Philip Stein commissioned two independent scientific studies to determine the health benefits of their Natural Frequency Technology watches. Separate clinical studies were conducted by Dr. Beverly Rubik, adjunct professor of Integrative Health Studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies and the Saybrook Graduate School, and Dr. Michael Breus, a Clinical Psychologist and member of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. The company has reported favorable results and the first clinical evidence that Philip Stein watches improve sleep in a recently concluded study on the correlation between use of its watches and improvements in sleep patterns, an indicator of a person’s adaptability and resilience to stress.

In the study conducted by Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, a board certified sleep specialist, 47 percent of the participants reported falling asleep faster, 43 percent reported feeling more refreshed in the morning, and 52 percent reported that dreaming was more pleasant when wearing the Natural Frequency Technology watches. In all, 96 percent of subjects tested responded positively to at least one of the Natural Frequency Technology variables.

About Philip Stein Group
Launched in 2003 by Miami-based entrepreneur couple Will and Rina Stein, the Philip Stein Group has quickly grown to be a leader in watches and other lifestyle products. From its flagship Philip Stein watch and accessories line to its recently debut Fruitz brand, the company’s products all feature its natural frequency technology, which provides many health benefits including better overall well-being, increased focus, and improved sleep. Fans of the brand include: Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch, Madonna, Samuel Jackson and many others.

The Philip Stein universe of high-end luxury timepieces includes the Signature Collection, the Swiss-made Prestige Collection, and the Prestige Automatic Collection, all of which sport double movements and distinctive dual-face designs. The stylish single-movement Active and Classic Collections, launched in May 2009, target a broader market. The Natural Stone Collection, also launched in May 2009, features scattered diamond mother-of-pearl and ivory dials encircled with the bold natural stone colors. In January 2010, the Philip Stein Group added FRUITZ, a collection of vibrant, sporty watches named after the fruits that inspired the line: Watermelon, Kiwi, Blueberry and Papaya.

PHILIP STEIN opened its first flagship store in Moscow, Russia on December 10th, 2010. The new store, located in the Atrium Shopping Center, is one of several Philip Stein stores planned for the European market. The 45 SQM ground-floor store is located in one of Moscow’s busiest shopping centers, situated at the Kursky railway station on the eastern edge of downtown. The Moscow store is part of the brand’s global expansion strategy, which includes new locations in key cities in China such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, as well as locations in the Caribbean and the Middle East.

In 2011, Philip Stein Group, parent company of the Philip Stein watch brands adopted the “Swiss made” label with the opening of an International headquarters based in Kilchberg-Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland creates a centralized location for Philip Stein to develop the Swiss-made collection and bring the brand’s proprietary Natural Frequency Technology to the epicenter of luxury watchmaking.

The Philip Stein Swiss International headquarters is integrated with a showroom, lifestyle lounge and shop-in-shops for customers to experience the complete Philip Stein experience. Overlooking Lake Zurich and ten minutes from downtown, the Lifestyle Lounge features an area where customers can relax while testing the brands highly-recognized wine wands with a complimentary glass of wine. Guests are also able to test the Philip Stein watches to garner a better understanding of the benefits of the Natural Frequency Technology.

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