Introducing Milus Cufflinks

Swiss luxury watch brand Milus introduces new cufflinks collections: Joaillerie & Kamasutra Butterfly’.

Milus Joaillerie Cufflinks

Classical, stylish and elegant, the unique Milus cufflink ‘Joaillerie’ collection is consummate in form and urbane in character. This small, almost playful object and its direct connection with the overall personality of the company make it clear that Milus is not merely working the market but living by its philosophy doing business and bringing new creations into being according to that philosophy. The familial connection between the famous Milus timepieces and these extravagant cufflinks is absolutely unmistakable.

The Milus cufflinks ‘Joaillerie’ are available in white gold and pink gold versions, with and without diamonds. According to preferences in fashion and taste these pieces of jewellery in 18-carat gold can be combined with any outfit and shirt.

Milus Joaillerie Cufflinks

Milus uses casting – probably the oldest of shaping processes – to give this accessory a form based on that of a watch movement. The stainless steel and brass rhodium-plated, plated 3N or plated black gold cufflinks in the form of a real mechanical watch movement complete the collection in 18K pink and 18K white gold.

Milus purposefully created an exceptional form of cufflinks with charismatic style that goes far beyond mere functionality. An accessory to be passionate about – and commitment to a theme: the Milus timepiece. The watch collector can now amusingly wear the heart of his watch – the movement – on his sleeves, giving this pulse beat a new setting.

Milus Kamasutra Butterfly Cufflinks

Once more, the idea of movement and the element of playfulness – both so important to Milus – have been realised: the liveliness of a mechanical watch movement with a 360° rotatable oscillating weight ensures the singularity of Milus cufflinks as an attractive eye-catcher. Milus purposefully created an exceptional form of cufflinks, an accessory to be passionate about – and commitment to a theme:the Milus timepiece.

This cufflinks edition is made of 18K pink gold. Milus uses casting – probably the oldest of shaping processes – to give it the form of a mechanical watch movement.

Milus Kamasutra Butterfly Cufflinks

The cufflinks are visibly full of loving attention to detail: the moving rotor is artistically decorated by hand with what is known as the most sophisticated and ingenious technique of the art of enamelling – the Cloisonné.

It shows two persons in the Kama Sutra-Butterfly position on a blue night background. Overlapping the edge of the cufflinks, a marvellous butterfly has been applied by hand using another skilful technique of enamelling: the Champlevé.

Connoisseurs of handcrafted perfection and supreme artistic achievement will be fascinated by this eye-catching design and outstanding artistic craftsmanship.