ARMREVOLUTION Introduces Luxury Designer Cufflinks for Men

Launched in London in November 2007, ARMREVOLUTION is a new men’s luxury accessories brand that is re-inventing the design of luxury cufflinks.

ARMREVOLUTION brings the most innovative designs to cufflinks ever seen – so innovative that the company prefers to refer to them as “arm architecture”.

Founder and Chairman, Anthony Hayward, states, “ARMREVOLUTION is designed for ambitious, international, business people who desire innovation who dress for success and are looking for cufflinks as special as the watches they wear“.

Of ARMREVOLUTION’s latest designs Hayward adds “At times of economic uncertainty people tend to dress smarter and making a good impression through what one wears has never been so important. As with many true luxury items it’s all in the detail, and wearing ARMREVOLUTION helps to give people that extra edge just as a good suit or a good watch does.”

ARMREVOLUTION Luxury Designer Cufflinks for Men

ARMREVOLUTION is a newly created movement for radical change in men’s luxury accessories, specifically focusing on cufflink design. Each ARMREVOLUTION product is uniquely engraved with its own individual identification number.

Once this number is registered at, the owner receives membership to the exclusive events and gatherings of the movement. These gatherings bring together like-minded individuals for elite social and business networking opportunities.

ARMREVOLUTION Luxury Designer Cufflinks for Men

Created by its London-based design team, the brand’s flagship collection “Perpetual Series” consists of six patent-pending designs that reinvent the way that a French cuff shirt is attached at the wrist. Each design comes in packaging as unique and bluxurious as the product and includes an innovative, design-registered leather carrying case designed for international elite businessmen.

ARMREVOLUTION Luxury Designer Cufflinks for Men

Prices are 5300 HKD for non-mechanised designs and 5800 HKD for mechanised designs.

Recently ARMREVOLUTION launched its bespoke service which provides the opportunity to purchase made-to-order white and yellow gold cufflinks for two of the most iconic patent-pending designs of the brand: #5 and #10.

The bespoke cufflinks are hand-made and highly personalized with engraved initials alongside the London Hallmark. ARMREVOLUTION stainless steel men’s cufflinks are made from the finest Japanese steel.

All ARMREVOLUTION luxury cufflinks come with a hand crafted leather travelling case and combined polishing cloth.