Olivier Randin Moveo, Ref OR – MOV

Made by Swiss watch brand Olivier Randin, dial of this watch model is composed of three H/Min/Sec discs. The two external discs express the hours and the minutes respectively on the left and on the right. The disc of the center expresses the seconds. An automatic movement supports this disc and allows a continuous and soft rotation. No adjustment can be done on this disc. In fact, it can turn only when the watch is carried.

The movement of the wrist allows automatic movement to take care and thus to make swivel its disc. The innovation is in the type of dial without needle which dissociates the conventional reading of the hour like in the aesthetics of the shape of the chronometer. MOVEO transforms the watch making tradition to make of it, in the originality, a temporary ornament. The central disc is left free with the choice of its owner.
Special features:  Jump hours by the left disc, minutes on the right and the central disc expresses the seconds. No adjustment can be done on this disc. An automatic movement holds up this disc and permits a continuous rotation. De facto it ca only revolve when the watch is being worn.

  • Movements: self winding mechanical base ETA and Quartz ETA
  • Discs: Set with white diamonds, rubies, emeralds and personalized central disc
  • Dial: White gold, black enamel cloisonné, Rhodium, DLC or PVD
  • Watch case: White, Pink or yellow gold
  • Case dimensions: 65 mm horizontal and 35 mm width
  • Straps: Black alligator leather or galuchat

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