Arnold & Son True North Perpetual Complication Watch Limited Edition

Representing the culmination of lengthy, meticulous research, the complex True North Perpetual is a unique achievement in the contemporary watch making history. Strongly influenced by the work of 18th century English master watch maker John Arnold, this accomplishment fulfills an ambition to create a wrist watch inspired by the earth in its role as a cosmic clock.

The True North Perpetual watch was jointly developed by the team of Arnold & Son, watch brand of English origin and Geneva watch maker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, of Agenhor SA by utilizing cutting edge development and production technologies. The team has accomplished several highly original feats in order to achieve the result of true solar time.

Using the revolutionary technology of gears with elastic toothing, the movement is also equipped with a three level going train comprising an interior toothing patented by Agenhor SA. The finely decorated movement features the “1764” secret signature appearing as an open worked engraving on one of its wheel bars. The entire complicated movement is driven by the famous 7 day power reserve produced by Jaquet SA exclusively for Arnold & Son. Protected by an international patent and several registered designs, the Arnold & Son True North Perpetual Complication watch will remain a legendary land mark in the history of horological inventions for wristwatches.

Devised by Eric A.Loth, the initiator of the renewal of some venerable brands of English origin, and creator of the famous Arnold & Son Longitude Watch, the True North Perpetual Complication reflects a symbiosis of time, within which human civil time and globe as a cosmic clock are brought together within a wrist watch for the very first time.

Powered by a hand wound movement with seven day power reserve, this complicated watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar taking account of leap years, a moon phase display calculated on a 29.5 day lunar cycle, a 24 hour time zone indication capable of also showing the mean solar time, and finally the with a double equation of time display (equation segment and running equation indication, both giving the difference between true solar time and mean solar time.

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