Jacob Jensen Arc Series

With the new watch range ”Arc Series” JACOB JENSEN™ has yet again managed to fuse simplicity and originality in a form that is both intuitive and irresistible. The watch becomes elegant wrist jewellery in an unusually simple and harmonic form. One particular detail, the hidden crown, is bound to attract the attention of watch aficionados.

”A high-quality modern watch is actually so precise that you only need to alter the time when you change time zones or at the beginning or end of daylight saving time,” says Chief Designer Timothy Jacob Jensen. ”We wanted to design a watch that was the ultimate in simplicity, and concealing the crown was an obvious choice. The user is not faced with a confusing barrage of buttons and gadgets. It is not the first time that a watch has been made in this way, but our way of hiding the crown is completely new. The crown is actually hidden in the watch case beneath a small lid. Only by lifting the lid can you alter the position of the hands.”

Timothy Jacob Jensen took over the world-renowned design studio from his father in 1990 and has continued to produce designs according to the principles, which since 1958 have generated countless industrial design classics. The lines of the new Arc watch range are also unmistakably JACOB JENSEN™ – form follows feelings.

Jacob Jensen Arc Series

The durability of design evidenced by the Arc range of watches is reflected in the watches’ functionality and materials. The chain and clasp are fully integrated with the watch case and are made from solid titanium. Thanks to the flat high-quality movement, the watch is surprisingly slim. Plus, its sapphire crystal glass is extremely scratch resistant.

The chain’s harmonious shape is achieved by a series of arcs, which follow the wrist’s contours. At the same time it provides a characteristic curvature to each of the individual links. Hence the name: Arc.

The minute and hour hands are available in three different versions; polished silver, matt grey and polished gold. This creates a fascinating contrast against the black dials. The Arc range features watches in two sizes for ladies and gentlemen finished in silver and black.

Technical details

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda
Size in diameter: Gents 29 mm Ladies 22 mm
Watch case and chain: Titanium
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Logo and text engraved in the watch case and clasp