Graff Luxury Watches MasterGraff Tourbillon

Graff Luxury Watches presents the MasterGraff Tourbillon, the pinnacle of the Men’s watch collection hand-crafted and set with over 35 carats of Graff diamonds.

Available in a limited edition of 5 watches, the MasterGraff Tourbillon 47mm is the epitome of true luxury, continuing the Graff Luxury Watches design aesthetic of a faceted bezel to create a stunning illusion of the watch becoming a single magnificent Graff diamond. In the case of the MasterGraff Tourbillon, this luxurious design reaches new heights, displaying a bezel set with 24 diamonds of the finest quality that have been individually selected and cut by Graff diamond cutters in order to fit each facet of the bezel perfectly.

The incredible array of diamonds continues from the bezel to the face, with a sparkling mosaic of invisibly set trapeze and baguette diamonds, the Graff Luxury Watches signature emerald triangle set at 12 o’clock and 7 o’clock and further baguette cut emeralds circling the dial itself. A hidden indulgence of the MasterGraff Tourbillon is the balance weight, bridge and rotor, all of which are also beautifully decorated with baguette diamonds.

This MasterGraff features a tourbillon and self-winding movement made exclusively for Graff and a dial protected by sapphire crystal. A black croco strap and white gold buckle pavéd with 30 diamonds complete the watch, creating a striking balance of luxury and functionality.

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