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Alexander Shorokhoff Leo Tolstoy Collection : Graf Skeleton Watch

The new skeletonised watch “Graf” of the series “Leo Tolstoy“ is decorated with an authentic Russian ornament. The master craftsman has removed only a small amount of material in order to better exhibit the floral motifs and to “put more soul” into the watch.

It takes roughly 10 days to create only one dial and movement following this procedure. All of the labour, such as engraving, guilloching and skeletonising, are performed by hand, requiring the highest concentration, accuracy and professionalism. After the completion of this stage, the movements are very carefully assembled – step by step – and adjusted to achieve precision. The ensuing extended trial run takes 500 hours and guarantees the watches’ singular reliability. Each watch receives its own name and the qualitative attribute “Made in Germany”.

Technical details
Model: AS.LTS1-RGG-D


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