Michael Bittel “The Eclypse” Watch

Taking inspiration from the antique cameras, the Eclypse watch created by the Geneva based watch maker Michael Bittel boasts two or three dials, each of which may be detached and customised, thanks to a single or double diaphragm.

A double diaphragm comprising around 140 pieces entirely assembled by hand. Each leaf of the diaphragm is composed of three parts and a single diaphragm contains 10 – 15 leaves depending on the model.

The Michael Bittel Eclypse double diaphragm watch will be available in steel or titanium case. The case size is 39mm for ladies and 48.5mm for gents. The movement used in this timepiece is a Calibre ETA 2892 automatic movement with customized oscillating weight.

Technical details

Three dials: The technique required to customise the diaphragm decor remains a jealously guarded secret.

Steel or Titanium, signature engraved on bezel, crown protector.
Diameter gentleman’s model: 48.5 mm
Diameter lady’s model: 39 mm
Optional: yellow gold or white gold
Bezel: Rotating

Hand-stitched leather, deployant buckle, customised. Study of watch project with new case design

Calibre ETA 2892, circular-grained and blackened PVD
Oscillating weight crossed out and customised by Michael Bittel with polished and nickel-plated screws

Special features
Stone settings and customised decoration available as optional extras.

About Michael Bittel

Michael Bittel is undeniably the most atypical of newcomers to the Swiss Fine Watchmaking. In 2009, his patented invention instantly guaranteed him at least ten years in the spotlight on the international watchmaking scene, Not only does it invite a plethora of possibilities, but it also offers a captivating, artistic and timelessly elegant response to the customisation needs of consumers with a passion for individually numbered rarities and exceptional pieces.

Belonging to a race of travelling folk, Swiss-born Michael Bittel is a genius craftsman blessed with a good business sense, one born of the need to survive and a keen desire to share his talent with the world. Moving seamlessly with effortless ease from the narrow confines of the popular marketplaces to the highest circles of intelligentsia and the artistic community, he inspires affection and fascination wherever he goes.

His many travels through every square inch of Switzerland and its border regions have taken him to the innermost sanctums of the finest experts and technicians, such as Jean-Jacques Saunier, in the Jura. Underlying their personal contributions of sincerity and enthusiasm is an authenticity of approach that is reflected in his own work.

His passion for watchmaking was fired by this subtle transfer of technical knowhow and the powerful initiatory value that such gifts hold. His grandfather was forever repairing antiques, watches and micro-mechanical marvels, wall clocks and mantel-clocks, instruments of time measurement and other time-keepers, wherever the family caravan came to rest.

From his father, he inherited the ethical and spiritual values that would prompt him to study theology. His Minister father staunchly fought for the rights of their minority group to the point of becoming its spokesman, even at European level, using the media as a tool to manifest their hopes and desires. As a child, Michael Bittel was already rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful.

A husband and father of two, this self-taught micro-mechanic turned watchmaker and inventor, was therefore supremely equipped for bringing his rare collections to an ever widening audience throughout the peregrinations of his nomadic lifestyle. Already, by late 2008, “Michael Bittel Geneva” had become a fine watchmaking brand to be reckoned with.

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