CYRIL RATEL is a Swiss luxury watch maker based in Geneva. Apart from prestige and subtlety, CYRIL RATEL is synonymous with escapism. The brand, born of the experience garnered by its unusual creator, evokes grace and refinement, with a soupçon of fantasy, power and top quality. Original design collections inspired by contrasts are attracting attention and finding a ready market from Dubai to Moscow. The brand’s legitimacy, in terms of quality and its Genevan origins, has also played an important part in its conquest of new markets around the world.

When strength combines with elegance, it promises an interesting alliance. It was obvious that CYRIL RATEL would join the world of watch making. Born in Geneva to a family of watchmakers in the 1970s, CYRIL RATEL has been developing his eponymous brand since 2004. His collections reflect creativity and dynamism. His daring and passion for luxury have opened the doors onto this closed world.

Symbolising precision and accuracy, in keeping with the demands of uncompromising quality, the Swiss Factory label is the proud hallmark of the watchmaking expertise associated with the Swiss tradition. The brand merits the status accorded it because of the beauty and harmony that emanate from its models, which are a quintessentially unique blend of technology and fashion that is CYRIL RATEL – a SWISS MADE brand with international scope.

Enamoured of freedom and independence, the brand takes flight thanks to its supreme enthusiasm in a world of subtleties. Mixing genres, revealing influences and matching materials is a subtle art which CYRIL RATEL practises to perfection. Lovers of beautiful watches are thus invited to travel through time, amongst peoples and across cultures. Everything is beautiful to those who know how to look. CYRIL RATEL is a new personality about to make his mark on the fascinating world of Swiss watchmaking.

CYRIL RATEL is living proof that it’s not necessary to have been in the Swiss watch making sector for decades to be totally legitimate.In just a few years this unconventional and dynamic individual,who loves beautiful things, has made a spectacular entrance into this competitive world. His collections, which bear his hallmark,are highly desirable. His story,his travels and his encounters are transcribed into an original design with its own unique style.

Some stories are beautiful, but strange, and that is how one could describe the story of CYRIL RATEL, born in Geneva of a passion for luxury. Since 2002, the brand’s models have been presented in every corner of the world; meeting with success and gaining the respect of Swiss watch lovers everywhere. Proud to sport the quality associated with SWISS MADE, the designs developed in the Geneva workshops have assumed a definite opulence over time. But don’t be misled by their background – the collections are popular and sell quickly, from Dubai to Moscow. If looking for unparalleled Swiss quality, their eclectic style, elegance, innovation and technical skill are very expressive and spellbinding points in their favour. Now conquering international markets, the CYRIL RATEL brand proclaims its beliefs loud and proud, the culmination of its experience and personality.

Thanks to a desire to combine genres, lovers of beautiful watches are invited to take a journey not only through time, but also through peoples, cultures and civilisations. The concept, known as “Mix culture”, or the art of revealing one’s influences, colours and materials, is simple and effective. Everything is a source of beauty to those who know how to look and learn. There is still much to be said on the subject of watchmaking. Because they know how to combine international inspiration and Swiss quality, CYRIL RATEL watches are about to write a new page in a book full of symbolism, modernity and dreams.

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