Zannetti Squelette XL Collection

Back in the late Seventies, some of the most skillful Swiss watchmakers, aware of the impact of mechanical movements, continued to invest time and resources in keeping up the manual traditions of their craft. It was for this reason that they went back to adopting an outstandingly beautiful watchmaking technique: the skeleton watch.

Today, Zannetti has made these watches even more fascinating, not only from a mechanical point of view but also from a formal aesthetic point of view. The Squelette XL is the first Zannetti watch with a skeleton movement, but also the first mechanical watch in the world to have a blue PVD treatment. It is a unique, personal model which delights from the instant you see it and is just made to be worn on the wrist.

For all those people that have attempted the difficult art of making a watch that holds a squelette movement inside, the main topic has always been to reduce the “time marker”: its movement. It should be reduced to the minimum size eliminating all superfluous parts, showing bridges and wheels and revealing the simple and beautiful way of “time sliding”.

For the maison Zannetti doing all the above mentioned was a necessary if not required approach. In fact, as long as we can remember his cases have always been patiently hand engraved and often present complicated decorations on them that take a long time to make. Sometimes he also adds a finishing touch of enamel. It’s also unavoidable to turn your attention to the mechanics of the watch. That’s the way the Squelette model is created.

A small but meaningful jewel of fine mechanics. Equipped with a sophisticated Swiss automatic winding mechanical movement, entirely “squelette shaped”, engraved and therefore completed with a blue pigment. It represents the premier passion that Zannetti has for the Haute horologerie.