Jacob Jensen Presents New Chronograph Collection

The JACOB JENSEN™ beautiful 600-chronographs were introduced in 2005, and the following year they were awarded the internationally much coveted Red Dot Award. In January 2007 the more voluminous 800-series was launched to the market.

Both series have done well commercially, and today many people consider them modern classics. Now the second generation of the two series is ready to be introduced.

Jacob Jensen Presents New Chronograph Collection

The most marked difference is the change from titanium to a polished surface of chrome or gold as well as circular brushed face of the watch. The three dimensional expression of the face of the watch of the 800-series has been replaced by an elegant flat face. The idiom is JACOB JENSEN™ as we know it.

Based on the philosophy which for decades has made the design studio behind it, the Danish Jacob Jensen Design, recognized and respected all over the world. Everything superfluous has been removed, and what remain are the pure lines, the material, and the functionality supported by sublime technical quality.

Like its predecessor, the watch case is made of solid stainless steel. The glass is sapphire crystal and consequently very scratch resistant. The watch strap is genuine leather. Behind the new face you will still find the Swiss ETA quality movement.

Technical details

600 series

Case material: Titanium
Size: 37 mm
Movement: Swiss Made Ronda
Glass: sapphire glass
Strap: rubber (interchangeable)
Case & buckle: matt titanium

800 series

Case material: Stainless steel
Movement: Swiss Made ETA
Size in diameter: Ladies 31 mm and Gents 38 mm